12 things you’ll know to be true if you were raised in the countryside.

There’s definitely a massive difference between the so- called ‘culchies’ of the world, and everybody else. This list has been compiled in recognition to the struggles of growing up in the countryside. Well, it’s not that bad to be honest!

  1. Your surrounded by fields- beside you, infront of you and behind you. There’s no getting away from them.
  2. You’ll never encounter so much wildlife within one vicinity.
  3. You then feel a personal attachment to said animals, embracing your inner Dr. Doolittle.
  4. Having the dodgiest internet connection ever.
  5. All shops and other human interaction is a decent drive away.
  6. Your friends loved coming over to spend the day playing on the bales.
  7. Trying to explain to people where your house is situated is a gruesome task.
  8. Your within walking distance to at least one farm.
  9. Touching the electric fence for ‘the craic’ was a valid reason.
  10. There was never a worry about your music being too loud.
  11. You could count your neighbours on one hand.
  12. Hanging out the washing during the Summer is risky business due to the farmers spreading.

Currently I’m… 12/01/17

Hey again!

So, rather than a get to know me tag, I feel this would fit better. I’ve seen quite a few people doing this on blogs and I really like the idea. A way to getting to know me without being completely bored with my boring life story!

Eating- Absolutely nothing.. however I wish I was.. man I love food..

Drinking- Tea- another love! One sugar and plenty of milk if your asking!

Watching- The Rocky films! Got the boxset for Christmas and I’m hooked. So obsessed I’ll probably start from the beginning once I’ve the 6 done! Something I want to do this year is watch more movies because I’m always the girl that says “I’ve never seen that,” when movies come up in conversation.. oh dear!

Wearing- My pajamas, happy times! Oh, and I painted my nails a lovely deep purple yesterday.. something that may motivate me to stop my disgusting nail biting habit..

Waiting- For my phone to charge.

Listening- My two favourite songs at the moment are “You Want Me,” by Tom Zanetti & Sadie Ama and Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,”.

Reading- Just finished Ant & Dec’s book “Ooh: What a Lovely Pair,”- even though it’s quite old it was actually such a good read and had me in giggles through the whole book- definitely recommend!

Smelling- Miss Tutu! Got this for my birthday last year and absolutely loved it.. once I ran out I was unable to get my hands on it and forgot about it, haha! Found a few stockists that have it but got it for Christmas! Actually pretty sure it’s a Chanel dupe and for only a fiver!

Wanting- A cuddle from my doggie!

Feeling- Happy and content with life, excited to get back to college and normality!

Hating- Dodgy internet.. ie- the internet I have ughhhh.

2017- New Year, New Me.. WHUT?

Hey all!

Happy New Year!

So with the New Year comes the bucket load of New Years Resolutions that we all tend to break several dozen times before January 1st even comes to a close.

My advice? Don’t make any! Well.. I’ve decided 2017 isn’t going to be a new year with a new me.. in fact, it’s going to be a new year with a BETTER me! How? Well, I’m just going to build on everything I’ve achieved in 2016.

Alot of people are speaking of 2016 as the worst year to have ever gone down in history. And, though I had many lows, I can admit I had a lot of highs also.

That said, I’m really looking forward to what 2017 may hold!

  1. This blog!
    So, I think it’s relatively fitting to launch my blog on the 1st day of the 1st month, don’t you.. I mean I’m aware its hitting quarter past 12 but who’s watching? I set this blog up in late November and have been addling my little brain as to what my content will be and when the appropriate time to launch the blog. I guess 2017 has given me the kick-start I need. I’m super excited to what may lie within this blog and I hope it’s as successful as I’m hoping
  2. Healthier living.
    The usual- eat healthier, run more, drink more water. Truth is, I do 2 out of 3 of those things reasonably well 95% of the time anyway due to cutting weight and needing to be fit for boxing. The one thing that is a massive let down is drinking enough water each day and I know that if I was able to begin drinking more water and then reaching what I need to consume each day it would improve my lifestyle across a lot of aspects!
  3. Get on the road- once and for all!
    I’ve been putting this off since mid of last year but I’m super adamant that I will definitely tick this off my list this year, once and for all! I’m super excited to get my theory test and driving lessons underway, once and for all.
  4. Volunteer!
    With the many opportunities that come with being in university, volunteering is one of the many amazing things you can do. I’ve had my eye on volunteering for a long time now and even though the opportunity has been readily available all semester, I’ve been trying to organise myself!