Currently I’m… 12/01/17

Hey again!

So, rather than a get to know me tag, I feel this would fit better. I’ve seen quite a few people doing this on blogs and I really like the idea. A way to getting to know me without being completely bored with my boring life story!

Eating- Absolutely nothing.. however I wish I was.. man I love food..

Drinking- Tea- another love! One sugar and plenty of milk if your asking!

Watching- The Rocky films! Got the boxset for Christmas and I’m hooked. So obsessed I’ll probably start from the beginning once I’ve the 6 done! Something I want to do this year is watch more movies because I’m always the girl that says “I’ve never seen that,” when movies come up in conversation.. oh dear!

Wearing- My pajamas, happy times! Oh, and I painted my nails a lovely deep purple yesterday.. something that may motivate me to stop my disgusting nail biting habit..

Waiting- For my phone to charge.

Listening- My two favourite songs at the moment are “You Want Me,” by Tom Zanetti & Sadie Ama and Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,”.

Reading- Just finished Ant & Dec’s book “Ooh: What a Lovely Pair,”- even though it’s quite old it was actually such a good read and had me in giggles through the whole book- definitely recommend!

Smelling- Miss Tutu! Got this for my birthday last year and absolutely loved it.. once I ran out I was unable to get my hands on it and forgot about it, haha! Found a few stockists that have it but got it for Christmas! Actually pretty sure it’s a Chanel dupe and for only a fiver!

Wanting- A cuddle from my doggie!

Feeling- Happy and content with life, excited to get back to college and normality!

Hating- Dodgy internet.. ie- the internet I have ughhhh.


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