12 things you’ll know to be true if you were raised in the countryside.

There’s definitely a massive difference between the so- called ‘culchies’ of the world, and everybody else. This list has been compiled in recognition to the struggles of growing up in the countryside. Well, it’s not that bad to be honest!

  1. Your surrounded by fields- beside you, infront of you and behind you. There’s no getting away from them.
  2. You’ll never encounter so much wildlife within one vicinity.
  3. You then feel a personal attachment to said animals, embracing your inner Dr. Doolittle.
  4. Having the dodgiest internet connection ever.
  5. All shops and other human interaction is a decent drive away.
  6. Your friends loved coming over to spend the day playing on the bales.
  7. Trying to explain to people where your house is situated is a gruesome task.
  8. Your within walking distance to at least one farm.
  9. Touching the electric fence for ‘the craic’ was a valid reason.
  10. There was never a worry about your music being too loud.
  11. You could count your neighbours on one hand.
  12. Hanging out the washing during the Summer is risky business due to the farmers spreading.


  1. Loved this, my other half is originally a ‘culchie’ – he is now longer living in Dublin than he was in the country though. There is great fun in this house as the kids get to hear both sides of the coin about me growing up in Dublin and himself in the country and playing with stucks in the fields 😂

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