21 before 21

In a bid to get my butt back into gear amidst my 4 month absence. It’s Summer, and with Summer more time, therefore (hopefully) more posts. To (again overdue) mark my 18th in March, I’ve compiled a list of things I want to experience, accomplish, achieve, and just generally say I’ve done before I hit the next milestone of 21 years old.


  1. Represent Ireland in female boxing.
  2. Get on the road, once and for all!
  3. Go on a girls holiday.
  4. Camp.
  5. Go to a festival.
  6. Cook a full roast dinner- including starter & dessert.
  7. Regulate this blog >.<
  8. Detox from social media and make an offline scrapbook.
  9. Become a fully qualified boxing coach.
  10. Become a fully qualified boxing judge.
  11. Go for the Rose of Tralee.
  12. Reclaim my National title.
  13. Try yoga!
  14. Volunteer!!
  15. Go on a holiday to England!
  16. Go to a concert in the 3 Arena
  17. Go on a working holiday.
  18. Have my fortune read.
  19. Be hypnotized.
  20. Have a spa day!!
  21. Ask someone out.


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