Current favourite Snap-chatters!

In recent times social media platform, Snapchat has popularized as a forum to keep people up to date in the daily happenings of peoples day to day lives. With the last number of months bloggers have been hopping onto this bandwagon also- creating accounts in a bid to ‘vlog’ their daily lives. It seems Snapchat is one of the best ways to keeping in contact with people these days. With so many bloggers snapchatting these days it’s hard to find time to watch every single one- sometimes I find it hard to maintain the ‘vloggers’ I have added, but below are the ones I will one hundred and ten percent never miss!

    • Leah Stundon – leahstundon95
      Limerick- based makeup artist, Leah Stundon combines make-up tutorials and photos of make-up she’s done for clients with everyday chit- chat and a type of vlog on her training diary. Leah’s new daily snap is a ‘QOTD’ which adds a simple, but effective breath of positivity to my day. As well as inspiring makeup looks, Leahs snapchat is a haven for positivity as she consistently promotes positive mental health as a regular doggy fix courtesy of her two (beautiful) dogs, Miley and Harper.15624878_1044415602371131_5532960484854071296_n
    • Doireann Garrihy – dg19592
      Doireann blew to snapchat fame after first publishing a parody-type impression video of fellow snapchatters, and has since hooked her followers with the sheer craic she has day-to-day. As well as fellow snapchatter- impressions on the regular, Doireann fills her daily ‘story’ conjuring new personas to fit every situation. One of the resident radio presenters at Spin, and the newest host to the Zoo Crew, Doireann shares an insider account to life working in Spin. The craic Doireann brings to every snapchat she uploads is immense and will be sure to keep you in absolute stitches!

      images (8)
    • Keilidh Cashel – keilidhmua
       Inglot pro-team mentor, Monaghan’s Keilidh Cashel keeps it real with her followers, via snapchat about all things make-up and Inglot Keilidh keeps her ‘Snapfam’ up to date with the latest and greatest releases from the Inglot brand, as well as all the courses and masterclasses being hosted by Inglot. Snapchat followers get the inside look at backstage at the roadshows also! Though she’s a make-up artist, the 21 year old isn’t afraid to mix things up occasionally and talks daily life topics. Her YouTube is a particular vouch for this as she posts many videos that are unrelated to make-up but daily topics. Then there’s that accent of hers!
  • Nathan Adams – nathanadams95
    Cork based Nathan Adams fills his Snapchat with an array of fitness snaps, as he follows fitness and food plans and nights out in venues across Ireland- and abroad, being the manager of Welshy. Nathan is quite inspirational and motivational on Snapchat, and shows that true grit and determination will get you anywhere you want to be in life. At the young age of 22 he is building himself as an excellent business man and entrepreneur of a sort, as he runs the agency Runaway Models to name one of the things he (7).jpeg
  • Sophie Murphy – sophiemua9
    Another Cork based snapchatter, self-taught make-up artist, Sophie Murphy will keep you up to date with all the newest and best bits to buy and try, as she does regular hauls. Sophie keeps it absolutely real to the max, and it’s so clear that you most definitely get her for what she is. An amazing makeup artist she regularly does tutorials, as well as upload client photos, but also switches her focus to lifestyle snaps also. If you follow Sophie you’ll agree when I say I live for her rants and (8).jpeg
  • Lucy Johnson – lujo_h
    Lucy Johnson is more of a lifestyle blogger, but likes to change it up with the occasional tutorial. She shows the reality of student living with food hauls during the college year, which is interesting and informative, as it shows and helps for healthier meal plans. She regularly reviews the latest little beauty products she’s purchased from the black face mask to lipsticks. Again, be sure you’ll receive the odd doggy snap!
  • Ruth Bergin – ruthberginmua
    Ruth Bergin’s festival make-up looks are to die for. Working with ‘it’s in your dreams’ Ruth creates the most interesting and intricate festival make-up looks and shares with her snapchat fanbase. Ruth is the immediate one to follow if you prefer tapping through photos over watching videos, as she doesn’t talk on snapchat!images (10)


  • Lucy Fitzgibbon – lucyfitzmakeup
         The snapchatter is, again one of the most inspirational as she’s only 16, and has already achieved so much in her short career of make-up artistry. Lucy shows that you can do what you love at any age, and that perseverance and hardwork pay off. Lucy has recently become more active on lifestyle snaps to balance her make-up tutorials, as to which she does on the regular also.


  • Laura Young – laurasviews
    This snapchatter is absolutely hilarious, without even trying. A lifestyle snapchatter, Laura shows the normal happenings of an everyday young lady. A vegan, she promotes a lot of vegan meals, which is interesting and fascinating. And for any vegans/ vegetarians or anyone thinking of changing up their diet some bit Laura is the perfect woman to follow as she shows being a vegan isn’t as boring and drab as the stereotype shows! Laura is very opinionated, and regularly reviews an array of things from foods to make-up products, and you can always count on her honest (10).jpeg


Hope you enjoyed! Be sure to let me know your favourites, and your opinions on my favourites if you decide to follow one or two!

* SC – simply_khloe





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