Travel Bucket List

In fairness, I never thought I’d be one to do much travelling- if any at all! In the last number of months I feel like that’s changed quite a bit! I’m a complete homebird, but at the same time, everyone has one or two ‘travel goals’ surely, right? I feel like since I’ve matured and become wiser to the world I’ve acquired a number of travel bucket list destinations, that I’ll hopefully be able to tick off over the next number of years. The time in the year, where you’ll be constantly inundated with photos via Facebook, Instagram and, of course Snapchat of all your friends sunning themselves in sunny Spain, or perfecting their french in Paris and so on!

  1. United States of America.
    Pretty self-explanatory really, isn’t it? I think the United States is on everyone’s travel bucket list, to be honest! Could you imagine the shopping spree? From New York to San Francisco, if I’m serious, I could dedicate a whole separate post dedicated to a list of places in America I’d love to visit!
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    Ever since the scenes in ‘The Fault in your Stars’ I’ve been more than dieing to go to Amsterdam. Amsterdam has seemed to popularize, massively as a city to visit in the last few months, and is one of top picks! Not only is it rated in the top 15 safest cities in the world, but it’s culture also has so much to it- from the Anne Frank house to so many flea markets! As well as numerous cheap or even free things to do in Amsterdam, the city also in inundated with cheap hostels and hotels!images (4).jpeg
  3. Greece.
    Greece has seemed to be one of the top holidaying destinations this year, from my own observations, and the constant overload of Snapchats has given me a serious case of FOMO! Greece has grown on me as a top visit, it looks simply beautiful and I’m so in awe of all the holiday- photos I’ve seen to date, that I want to go over there, and experience the beauty for myself!images (5)
  4. Australia.
    Again, I feel like Australia is a landmark you have to have on your list of places to visit, and I’m falling into that trap. Particularly, that awe-inspiring Sydney Opera House!download (3).jpeg
  5. Bali, Indonesia.
    I’ve always, always, always been mesmerized by the city that is Bali, Indonesia. Bali seems so picture perfect, it’s hard to think that it could ever be anything but! For one, the year- round sun, I’ll definitely take, thank you! The people of Bali are meant to be one of the most hospitable cultures around. Bali, is said to be the city where you’ll receive the best bargain for your money, everything is meant to be affordable! From the culture and people to the spas, and value, I would love to experience all that Bali has to offer some (4).jpeg
  6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    Another seemingly only beautiful city, Dubai is another city I would love to immerse myself into for a while. Dubai is said to be one of the top shopping cities in the world, with water- walkways from one store to the next in some places. Dubbed a ‘cosmopolitan city’, it would be amazing to experience another, different, diverse type of culture, with people of all walks of life.images (6).jpeg
  7. Germany.
    The main reason I would love to visit Germany is to feed my massive Milka chocolate addiction, and visit my absolute dream factory- the Milka factory, situated in Lörrach, Germany!download (5).jpeg
  8. Ibiza, Spanish East Coast.
    Another key holiday destination, it seems! Visiting Ibiza, appears to me, to give you an experience like no other, being such a party Island.images (7).jpeg
  9. Singapore, Asia.
    From galleries to theme parks, accommodation to pretty neighborhoods, Singapore seems like an all rounder on things to offer. Singapore, shows itself to be versatile, by being family friends with an array of theme parks, family-friendly accommodation, parks and a general healthy lifestyle, yet is also widely acclaimed for it’s great nightlife also!download (6)*Images via Google Images*


  1. The milka factory sounds amazing! If you are ever in Berlin, visit the Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt. You get to make your own flavoured Ritter bar and I fell in love with the entire place there! Amsterdam is amazing too (I’m just back from interrailing!)

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    • Yeah, I’m obsessed- that’s one of my life goals, lol!! Oh, no way?! That sounds almost (if not better) as good! I’m in love with Amsterdam, I’d love to go on a trip or perhaps for a semester!


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