End of July Beauty Review

So, July has come and gone, and now August is upon us! Throughout the month of July, I’m surprised to announce that I actually picked up a couple of new products that I’ve been trying out for the last few weeks. Some were massive hits, whilst I felt others were remarkable fails, in my opinion anyway!


Rimmel ‘Stay Matte’ Foundation (Shade 200 – Soft Beige).

I’ve been on the lookout for a foundation that is perfect for everyday use for quite some time now, and I think I’ve found it with Rimmel’s Stay Matte! At a reduced price of €4.10, I found it almost impossible to walk away without at least chancing this foundation, and the lovely lady in the shop and I tested a couple of samples against my skin, settling with ‘Soft Beige (200)’ as a shade that seemed perfect for day-to-day make-up, one I’d use without a false tan. The foundation, as you can assume by the name is a mattifying foundation, and has a high- shine control which I like immediately. It’s definitely a foundation aimed at girls with more oilier skin. The foundation is light- medium coverage, and feels quite light on the skin also. I found that a little went a long way with this foundation!


PS… Charcoal Body Scrub Exfoliator (with activated charcoal).

I picked up the Penneys charcoal body scrub/ exfoliator this month. I figured at as little as €3.50 for such a large tub it was worth a shot. It smells amazing! Unfortunately, I find it didn’t remove any of my tan to date, but it did make my skin very soft. I also found it quite messy and didn’t dissolve in the water well, leaving quite a mess behind.


Catrice Cosmetics ‘The Modern Matt’ Collection Eye-shadow Palette (010 The Must- Have Matts).

I’m loving Catrice at the moment, I must say! Mom picked this up the other week, for under a fiver! I was intrigued to use the palette, as it was my first time using eyeshadows from the brand, but I was definitely impressed! The shadows are quite soft, and powdery, yet have little to no fall-out which is always an ideal characteristic! The colours are quite mixable and versatile, from nudes to darker browns! From my use, so far, they seem quite buildable and blend relatively easy also! I’m particularly obsessed with the nude pink (3rd from left!).

20170731_204201 (2)

Essence ‘Shape Your Face’ Contouring Pallette (10 Ready, Set, Peach!).

I purchased this at the start of the month, interested in how I would succeed in contouring (a technique I’ve not yet mastered..). Since, this palette has become a bit of a staple in my make-up routine! The back shows a step-by-step of how to use which shade, and a little diagram is also shown to tie in the step-by-step. I find it very easy to use, and the powdery texture is quite easy to work with. As I’ve said I’m not very well- educated in the more difficult sides of make-up, but this palette has helped me learn to some degree where to put contouring powder! It’s definitely a palette more aimed at beginners, I feel. I find the contouring powder amazing- it isn’t too dark, and is easy to blend. The second shade is highlight, which I’m not too impressed, in comparison to different highlighters that I’ve used, but the last powder (the blush) is also notably impressive- a glittery peachy tone. Blush, again(!) isn’t something I’d usually opt for, but with this palette, again I’ve learnt to use it, and quite like this tone as a blush.


Flormar Illuminating Primer Make-Up Base

At 9.95 I snapped up the Flormar Illuminating Primer recently, after being in need for some time for a decent primer, as well as being very intrigued in the big hype of the Flormar brand! I find a little goes a long way, and in this, 9,95 for a bottle at this size is a definite bargain. The primer is definitely illuminating, which I adore, because I love highlighters, and illuminators etc. I find that the primer evens out your skin, leaving a blank canvas for your foundation!

20170731_204830 (2).jpg

Freedom PRO Studio Fixing Spray Anti-Shine

This is my first time using a fixing/ setting spray after application of my make-up, and since purchasing this fixing spray I haven’t looked back. Again, I find a little goes a long way with this 100ml bottle. Amazingly, I find this does work in preventing a sweaty- shiny foundation after a few hours, which shows it’s well worth a purchase!



BBold Tan Lotion (Medium)

As soon as the bBold tan went on sale to only 9.95 I simply had to track it down and give the tan a try for myself. I was nervous about which shade would suit my preference best- I didn’t want to be too dark, but I did want to be noticeable unpale! I chose the medium, figuring if it wasn’t dark enough I’d apply again. This is definitely one of my favourite purchases of the month, as well as my favourite tan to date, as I find it quite easy to put on, and you can see the difference immediately, which I love in a tan! The lotion smells good as well which, is another great point, as no one likes smelling of tan!


So this concludes my first End of Month product review. Hope you enjoyed reading it, as much as I enjoyed using the new products! Also, this was my first (very, very, very bad) attempt at using my own photos, so please excuse the dodgiest shots ever.





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