16 things to be learned at your first camping festival.

Last weekend I attended my first festival, Indiependance Music & Arts Festival in Mitchelstown. To say it was an experience like no other, would be an understatement- it was amazing! Being the innocent first-timer that I was, it was a massive learning curve!

  1. Bumbags are well and truly back – And I’m super excited about it!
  2. The early bird does really catch the worm – get to the festival early if your camping!
  3. The rain will never be my friend.
  4. Glitters are the most difficult thing to remove from your skin.
  5. Dealz portable chargers aren’t good!
  6. Keep open-minded about the acts you don’t know, you could find someone truly amazing.
  7. Girls at the toilets are friends for life, even if you never see them again.
  8. The people that are camping near your tents will also be friends for life.
  9. The atmosphere you will witness is out of this world.
  10. *For those intending on bringing your tents home* – Pop-up tents may be easier to put up than a normal tent, but they are harder to put away – in short ; normal tents trump pop-up tents in the long run.
  11. Youtube tutorials work wonders for taking down pop-up tents.
  12. If your bringing alcohol, your best bet is to arrive early (as learned on point number 2), set yourself up and then go into the nearest town to shop for your beverages.
  13. A camping chair is essential – the smallest bit of comfort that you’ll eventually appreciate.
  14. Electricity, hot water, and my bed are taken for granted way too much in my life.
  15. Bringing snacks for your tent is key.
  16. I need to up my caption game for Snapchat.


Indiependance 2017 was such a different experience, and it was well worth the price of the ticket. The weather was alright up until Sunday, but I suppose in a few months or even weeks I’ll laugh at the madness of me actually sticking it out in the torrential rain!



  1. […] 16 things to be learned at your first camping festival. Again comes the inspiration! In my defence, I’m still a massive believer that going to your first festival is a massive learning curve. I was a changed person after I battled the elements for those 3 days. Indie was one of the best experiences of 2017, and I’m so hopeful that I get to go again this year! […]

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