Summer 2017

Well, Summer is coming to a penultimate end, unfortunately! It has to come to an end eventually. Being honest, I’m really looking forward to going back to college, and getting back into a proper routine day- to-day. Summer (when you’ve no job, anyway!) can become very boring, and the last few weeks have at times tended to drag. I find I can get very unproductive through a time like this, and I may often ponder what I’ve actually achieved or gained in the last three months? On a further look I realize this is not all truth, and would like to take this opportunity to reflect on Summer 2017!

  1. Got my nose pierced – I wanted to get my nose pierced for quite some time, but had always been a bit too chicken to go through with the deed. Myself and a friend decided to go through with it on a shopping trip to Cork, and going through with it was the best decision ever! Unfortunately, I had to change the cute ring for a tiny stud, and still haven’t gotten around to changing it back. All the same, I would definitely recommend going through with it, if you are someone that has been turning the idea over for some time.
  2. First time judging – I’m going into my 4th year of boxing, and now that I’m 18 I’m finally allowed to go for the coaching course and judging course, something I’ve wanted to do for the last year! I was delighted to get the opportunity to prove myself in early June, when I was asked to judge at a local tournament, under supervision. I’m pleased to note that, at that I did well, and judged them alike the other judges, so I’m looking forward to completing both courses!
  3. Did the child protection course – As I’ve said previous I want to go into coaching and judging in the sport of boxing. One of the main things I had to do in order to apply for the coaching course was the child protection course. I received a certificate of attendance, and as proof that I have undergone the course. I feel this looks great for my CV also, as I worked in a camp with kids this Summer, so this type of thing will stand to be!
  4. Got my first job – This Summer I got work with Starcamps Performing Arts camp. I was working as a trainee leader- helping the leaders mind the kids during lunch and class times. The camps were in different places each week, and I got placed in 2 venues. The week was long, particularly the Mondays but it was a very rewarding experience, and has given me a taste of what a proper job feels like, as well as what working with children and working as a team. It was a real learning curve with early starts but very well worth the experience!
  5. Indiependance Music & Arts Festival Probably the pinnacle of my Summer was ­ My friends and I have always been threatening to go, but this was the year we finally got the opportunity, we got our tickets at the start of the year, so you can only imagine how excited we were when the weekend finally came. It was a definite different experience, but it was way better than what we had always expected!
  6. Training Camp – I’ve always been really interested in taking part in a boxing training camp. The opportunity finally came this Summer when there was one made available really close to where I live in Cork. It was four days long, and it was an amazing experience, where I bonded with girls from other clubs through boxing, and learned quite a lot in regards to stretches and nutrition. I’m so excited to practice preparing the foods I learned for college!





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