Christmas in Ireland | 12 Days of Christmas | Day 3

Hey everyone, and welcome back to 12 Days of Simply Khloe! It’s ‘Day 3’ already! Taking part in Blogmas so far has been so exciting, and I’m loving reading everyone else’s as well as producing my own blogs!

Today I’m focusing in on my homeland of Ireland, and the Irish traditions that give us that Christmassy feel from the 8th of December all the way to the 6th of January! These are my immediate dates, as this is the period of time that is evidently Christmas in Ireland. If you’ve put your Christmas decor up before the 8th of December your in for some bad luck, apparently. The 6th of January marks the end of the festive period with a little celebration known as ‘Little Women’s Christmas’.

Of course, I’m pretty sure some of the things I’ll touch on throughout this post may be associated with traditions from other countries, but I feel these are the keys to the Christmassy season in Ireland!

  1. Fairytale of New York by The Pogues & Kirsty McColl
    I’ve already mentioned this absolute beauty of a song in my Christmas Playlist yesterday, and I dare say I’ll probably mention it again before we see the end of 12 Days, but I can’t help it because it is my favourite Christmas song, ever. I think I stand with a lot of the Irish population when I say that too. It is definitely the start of Christmas when you start hearing Fairytale of New York playing. Over the festive period you’ll hear this song on the daily, and if you don’t know every single word of the song, are you even Irish?images (1)
  2.  The Coca-Cola television ad.
    Another absolute staple when it comes to knowing whether or not it’s acceptable to feel like it’s Christmas yet is the Coca-Cola Christmas ad. This ad is my favourite ad of all time. Point blank. I’m not sure so much is this an official Irish thing, but anyone that has the pleasure of this ad gracing it’s screens throughout Christmas time will agree of the magic of the ad. I’m still to see the truck, which tours around the country every Christmas, but it’s definitely on my bucket list, and I’ll be seeing it
  3. The Kelloggs Cornflakes television ad.
    Weirdly, I haven’t actually seen this ad on television this year, and I’m wondering why? Nonetheless, it’s undoubtedly gotta be on this list. This ad was another television staple having been on air for years and years (and again, I’m wondering why not this year?). This ad is another magical one as it depicts the magic of Christmas and Santa, and the little girl is so cute. I think we’ve all dreamed of meeting Santa at one stage or another, right?hqdefault
  4. The Late Late Toy Show.
    The Late Late Toy Show means it is Christmas time. A once yearly adaptation of The Late Late Show for children (and teenagers, and adults, and everyone in between!). The Late Late Toy Show is the highlight of Christmas- apart from Christmas day itself, I suppose. For the two and a half hours or so that it is on the whole of Ireland is at a standstill- that is how big it is! This show gives us all a rollercoaster of emotions every year, from laughing to crying- you’ll always shed a tear or two! This year the real heart-puller was when a pair of Cork siblings were surprised by their Dad who was serving in Africa! I still can’t watch the clip without welling up! The Late Late Toy Show is primarily a show to advertise all the toys and give the kids ideas as to what they may want for Christmas- but for us Irish people it is all that and more!Toy-Show-2
  5. 12 Pubs of Christmas!
    I’m not 100% sure if this a solidly Irish tradition, but 12 Pubs of Christmas is a massive thing in Ireland, and where I live anyway! The idea is in the name.. you go to 12 pubs and have a drink in each. Just for the Irish to live up to the name of loving something alcoholic.
  6. St.Stephens Day Swim.
    Again, I’m not going to pledge this is a solely Irish thing, but again it’s quite a common thing for Stephens Day swims to take place amidst many towns. Just because, again the Irish like to live up to their names- of being stone mad! And that’s true, I mean who would happily jump into the freezing cold sea for a swim in the middle of December?
  7. Fr. TedMrs. Browns Boys Christmas episodes.
    Mad for a bit of telly are the Irish, and again I’m coming back to the TV with both the Fr. Ted and Mrs Brown Christmas specials.Mrs-Browns-Boys-Christmas-Special-2014

Well, that’s my favourite Irish Christmas highlights summed up into one post! Of course, there’s so much more- from the turning on of Christmas lights, to the carol singers and Secret Santa- but I can’t vouch that all these are purely Irish. I’m really getting into the Christmassy spirit now, having (happily) ticked off most of these happenings over the last number of days, and of course the fact that I’m taking part in my first attempt of a Blogmas!


Nollaig Shona Duit! x


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