Christmas Decor | 12 Days of Christmas | Day 9

As I’ve said in a number of my Blogmas posts to date I loooooove Christmas decorations, and so what better way to show my love and appreciation than to share my home decorations for this Christmas?!

Dinner Table; 

I feel the table is quite simplistic, but perhaps that’s the appealing thing for me? Mom picked up a plastic-type tablecloth from one of the local euro-shops. A really interesting but handy feature was the addition of plastic clamps so that the cloth wouldn’t slip off. To add to our sophistication we got a smaller red cloth and spread it in a diamond shape across the centre of the table and added our little Santa and Snowman salt and pepper shakers. These shakers are only for show, and so our final addition was these little artificial roses.


Outside Lighting Decorations;

Hanging up our outside Christmas decorations is an occassion in itself in my household. It’s a big thing, particularly because my siblings are still relatively young (I’m the oldest at 18, and the youngest is 12), so it’s still a massive deal and a a huge novelty! This year we opted for rope lighting and alternating flashing colourful lights and I really like the look of the house. I wish I had a better camera instead of my phone because this photo isn’t doing much justice to the decorations!
Indoor Decorations

Again, my camera is awful. My 2018 goal is definitely to invest in a proper camera! But my Christmas tree is in front of the back window in our living room, just opposite the door so you’re greeted by it as you enter the room. There’s no set colour theme- there’s gold, silver and red baubles and tree hangings as well as some red beads that hang around the tree. My favourite part is the lights- at the bottom of the tree we’ve static colourful ones, and as we move up the tree there is a mixture of flashing blue ones and flashing white ones. Very hectic but quite nice, I guess!

Hanging up the Christmas decorations this year has really excited me and put so many ideas in my head for when I move out and get my own house! What way is your house decorated?


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