2 Vlogmases & 2 Blogmases to Follow | 12 Days of Christmas | Day 10

It’s DAY 10! For today’s Blogmas post, I’m focusing on my favourite vlogmases and blogmases from this festive season! It’s only fair to recognize and appreciate the massive effort that each and everyone of the bloggers and vloggers that have got involved in daily postings this month. As a very new blogger still, I decided not to bite off more than I can chew and decided to do 12 days as opposed to 25 or even the full month. But I’m still able to relate to the pressure and time and effort that goes into posting every day for these 12 days. Hats off to each and every blogger (and vlogger!) who has participated in blogmas and/or vlogmas in some kind.


My Favourite Vlogmases!

1. Retro Flame

I also knew of Erica, but have only become a fan of her this month as I began to follow her vlogmas journey. Erica is a young Irish lady who is living it up in New York, and her vlogs consisted of a lot of work stuff as well as taking her followers out in New York for the daily goings on along with her sister Kaelin. The second half of her month has been based in her hometown of Kerry, Ireland and it’s a great watch!

2. Zoella

I think we can all agree that Zoe Suggs is the QUEEN of vlogs, particularly her Christmas vlogmas edition where she genuinely kills it, in my opinion. I haven’t actually had the time to watch Zoe’s daily habituals every day, as they are lengthy but when ever I have a spare moment my pastime of choice is catching up on Zoe and her friends.


My Favourite Blogmases!

loulabellerose.co.uk; Lauren is one of my favourite bloggers, she is superb at what she does, and is who I look up to when it comes to her photography and her ideas, so it was no surprise that I was an avid follower of her daily blogmas posts, which I have been absolutely loving to date. Definitely worth checking out!

thedaysofdaydreaming.wordpress.com; I’ve been following Alex for sometime also, and was super excited when I realized she would be doing blogmas on her blog. To date, her posts have been super interesting- and I’ve no doubt there’s more where they come from. From her favourite songs and movies for Christmastime to gift guides and a post on some festive reds, another definite must follow!



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