12 Days Reflection |12 Days of Christmas | Day 11

Hey, it is Day 11! Is it safe to say that I think I might finish 12 Days of Simply Khloe?! I think I might, and that’s soo exciting! How crazy! For today’s post in reflecting on the past week or so of daily posting and how I feel the challenge went!

Last October everyone I knew from the blogosphere took part in Blogtober. Though I had heard of Blogmas before Blogtober was a completely new challenge to me, but though I didn’t partake in 31 days of posting in October I did enjoy the daily postings of a lot of blogs that I follow, and did enjoy creating some Halloween inspired posts along the way too. I pondered about Blogmas. I figured I still had a recent 2 months and if I started now 25 days of posting would be a piece of cake. I’m saying 25 as that’s the way I would do Blogmas. However, I know there is the 31- day version also.

I brainstormed and brainstormed, but to be honest I didn’t actually write for Blogmas until late November. It is something that I would definitely change for my next daily- posting challenge (be that next October or December, or whenever it may be!). However, I did schedule many of my posts and I would definitely do this again, as it made me a lot more organized and relaxed about the whole experience! Hopefully the next time I’ll have all of them scheduled in advance. But again, a learning curve!

In my defence I did plan what posts would be going live on what day- I didn’t stick to it in a few aspects, but I had a rough guideline as to what had to be written. I did want to do an introductory the day before I started but never got around to that. Perhaps this is better in the long run, as I had intended on posting my schedule too- something that I didn’t stick to fully either.

My first post- my wishlist went to plan. This was the post I wanted to be my first post, and I was actually on the ball at the start and had this scheduled to go for the day that it went live. My second post was something I had written in advance of 12 Days, it was initially set to go out on the 16th, and day 2 was going to be an album review of Sia’s Everyday is Christmas. I had an exam this day so was quite under pressure, and hadn’t started this review so it made more sense to swap these dates, and post my Christmas party playlist this day.

Day 3 was Christmas in Ireland, and this is one of my more favourite posts, as I felt it held a bit more of a personal touch to it, over some of my other posts. I really enjoyed writing it, and felt so Christmassy as I outlined the key features of an Irish Christmas!

At the very start day 4 was meant to be my playlist. Then it was meant to be the Sia album review. Unfortunately, even though I had finished college finally, I still hadn’t gotten around to listening to the full album. With more moving around I decided another pre-planned post- my favourite Christmas movies would go live today.

Back on some sort of track my Christmas tag went live, according to plan on day 5, this was quite an exciting this or that type of blog.

My top songs of 2017 wasn’t meant to be a blogmas post, but after looking at my plan for after blogmas I kinda felt like there wouldn’t be enough time. This had been fairly well written out before blogmas, and I decided it would go live on day 6. My home decorations were meant to be showcased today, but I wasn’t fully happy with this post yet.

My watchlist, was again not something that was pre-scheduled onto my plan but I felt like this was a funner post, and saw something similar on another blog, and thought it was a cool type of post! We all know how good Christmas television is, after all!

Day 8 was what I love about Christmas, and I was very excited about this, as I felt a sort of personal touch was added here. Again, my Christmassy feel intensified when I was writing this post!

Finally! Day 9 was when I was happy to post my home decor– my photos weren’t amazing but it really excited me that I got to share my little home and it’s little decorations!

Yesterday- day 10 I had intended on doing a full vlogmas and blogmas post- showcasing my favourites and every one that I’ve been enjoying. After so much time working and being under pressure with work etc, I restricted myself to my favourite 2 vlogmases and blogmases of the year!

Today, I decided I’d reflect. Blogmas has been an interesting experience. It’s been a real learning curve, and I’ve learned so much in the past 12 days of daily postings. From my peak times to what appeals to readers, and how much time, organization and effort goes into scheduling when I post more regularly. I’ve also noticed an increase in my blog traffic since I’ve started my daily posting, so now I know that the more frequent I post , the better that is for my blog.

I’m happy with how this has went- for the most part! There was posts I’d intended on posting- such as the Sia review, but I never did as I didn’t plan in advance enough. Though, I’m super happy that I’ve actually completed blogmas (tomorrow’s is an outfit post).


Well done to everyone who participated and/or completed Blogmas and/or Vlogmas, and Merry Christmas to all!




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