Christmas Outfits | 12 Days of Christmas | Day 12

I’m sooooooo excited! Why? ‘CAUSE IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE!! AND it’s DAY 12! I made it! I cannot believe I actually did 12 Days of Christmas! I’m kinda proud of myself. Is that okay? This evening’s post is a simple lookbook type of post on a few of my Christmas outfits of the festive seasons.


Christmas Jumper Day


My first festive-y outfit (clothing piece?) was for Christmas Jumper Day in work. I bought this Christmas jumper in Heatons for 18 euro! This is my first proper Christmas jumper, as I’ve always needed a justification to spend the money on one, and that justification came when I was told of the Christmas Jumper Day. I really like this jumper, I think it’s quite nice in fairness! Underneath I just wore a tank top, and the rest of my outfit are my work pants, and my work shoes- not very attractive, but the Christmassy feel is setting in!


12 Pubs of Christmas // The Eve of Christmas Eve


As I’ve said in a previous Blogmas post “The 12 Pubs of Christmas” is a massive night out before Christmas. The usual do-date is Christmas Eve Eve and in general this is a great night out during the festive season. Obviously, if your doing 12 pubs your going to want to get into the festive spirit and throw on something Christmassy (jumper, top etc.). If your going out and not doing the 12 pubs (like me) your still likely to want to get in with the “craic” and throw on a Christmas jumper anyway. I was working until 9, and was going out at 10, so my makeup was quite minimalistic- and I just added to my day makeup. I bronzed myself up a little bit and did some blush. I threw on some lashes (from Wish!) and smoked out some green eyeshadow onto my waterline- which you can’t get a great view of in these photos! Getting in with the fabulous seasonal colour of red I decided I’d brave red lipstick for the night- I actually used the Penneys PS Lip Kit, and found it lasted quite well!! My outfit was quite casual- but that’s always the case with 12 Pubs– I teamed my new Christmas jumper with black skinny jeans and sandals. Ideally, heels would’ve been fab to add a little more dress to the outfit, but after a full day at work, I thought I’d play safe. That, and the smart girl I am, I left my black heels in Limerick!


Christmas Eve!


I really wanted to have a fabulous Christmas Eve day outfit- with a little festive Santa hat perhaps! Unfortunately for me this notion was squashed with a lovely 11-6 shift for my last day at my Christmas job. My day outfit was the fabulous pants from the first outfit, and an equally fabulous black blouse. I’m sounding rather sarcastic, but to be fair it’s not the worst outfit I guess. I actually forgot all about my Christmas jammies until when I was going into work. I wish I’d got them out for Friday or Saturday but I guess the Christmas jammies should come out Christmas Eve- what do you reckon? Anywhooo, I was so excited all day because: a) it’s Christmas Eve, and b) I was retrieving my beloved Christmas pjs as soon as I got home and jumping straight into them! These were a present from my grandparents I think 2 years ago. PJs are always such a fail-safe present, I mean who doesn’t love PJs? I’m pretty sure they were picked up in Dunnes Stores, and I’m 99% sure these are my favourite Christmas jammies that I’ve ever owned, as they are quite festive, right?


How has your December/ Christmas lookbook been looking? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- I really enjoy these type of posts! I wish I could all more, but this is literally as exciting as my festive diary goes- except for tomorrow, where I’m hoping to get quite dressed up! Initially I had planned on going out another night last week, which would have been a more dressy outfit, but I’ve been working super hard. As for daytime outfits- again, I’ve been working super hard. But I definitely intend to do more of these type of posts in 2018! How exciting!!! Anyway, day 12 of 12 Days, as I said yesterday, and earlier I’m super happy that I actually accompished the 12 days of daily postings!

Now, for a break for Christmas! Hoping everyone has a fabulous Christmas, and gets what they want!



  1. Congrats on completing the whole 12 days! Your outfits look super comfy and cute! It’s a shame work got in the way but at least it means a bit of extra money to spend after the holidays x

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