Looking Forward to 2018

Woah, I genuinely cannot believe how quick 2018 is approaching. 2017 has gone by with the blink of an eye- it’s scary. But a new, prosperous year is very exciting allthesame!

Last year, on the 2nd of January, I posted my first ever blog post! Firstly, I can’t believe I’m coming up to my one-year blogiversary?! And secondly, this post is a follow up from that very first post that was published on Simply Khloe! Last year my first post was a post outlining how I wanted to improve in life matters, and looking back, I think I’ve been somewhat successful. Obviously, there’s definitely room for improvement- there always is, and hopefully I can work on that in 2018!

The first thing I said I wanted to work on was my little blog, and I believe I’ve been quite successful in this little aim. There’s definitely room for improvement, and I’ve already massive plans for 2018. I’ll hold my hands up- from February to May I fell way off the bandwagon. However, from June onwards my blog really started to pick up, I set up a Twitter account which has helped my traffic more than I’d have ever realized! Since June, I’ve also joined a few facebook groups which I have also found really helpful!

In 2018 I really want to further push my blog out there. I want to get ore involved in things such as Twitter chats- I think I’ve only ever taken part in two, and they were fantastic experiences, and really boosted my blog as well as my interaction with fellow bloggers. Perhaps, I can set myself a goal to do one a month? That’s pretty doable, right?

2017 I set up my blog and Twitter, 2018 I intend to set up an Instagram account for Simply Khloe. I also want to organize myself way more, and try schedule more posts in advance, because that equals less stress, right? I recently picked up a notebook specifically for my blog, and so I want this to be an avid part of my daily blogging in 2018. I think I’ve had a pretty varied blog theme to date- in the past year I have experimented with a lot of different types of posts. I really enjoy outfit posts/ lookbook posts, and so I intend to do many many more in 2018! In September I will be moving to Prague for a semester in college, and so that will make for some fantastic blog posts- I’ve already brainstormed tonnes of ideas, and am simply buzzing with the ideas, but we won’t wish the year away!

I also want to get better at photos. Perhaps Instagram may help me here? I’m not all too sure. I do want a proper camera, and maybe that’ll be a big help too, but I really want to learn how to take photos with proper pretty layouts and props- even if it is just from my phone. I also want to incorporate more of my own photos into my blogs posts, and reduce my usage in “stock photos” because I’m aware of how that lacks originality and creativity.

Last year, I said I wanted to get healthier. Run more, drink more water etc. All I can say is: I tried. And I’ll continue to try in the new year. I believe I did run more. And I believe I do eat healthier most of the time, but water? I just completely forget. I know and understand the benefits of water- I know how refreshed it makes me feel when I keep on track of my intake, but with college it is just hard, and so much more convenient to run on coffee! I need a proper water bottle and hopefuly 2018 will be when I can finally conquer water on the daily!

I joined the gym in college in September. It was a reasonable price for the semester, and I’ve found it so beneficial. I have every intention to rejoin in January for my second semester, and I’m really hoping to use it even more- and for more than just the treadmill!

Another thing I mentioned on my frist post was getting my butt on the road “once and for all”, as to which we get a big fat fail. I’ll get there though. Hopefully this year.. my first aim is to get the theory test book, and we’ll take it from there. It is so needed though as I’m so finished with depending on public transport and family to spin me everywhere and anywhere- how much of a nuisance can one be?

massive aim for me in 2017 was to volunteer- and I did! I became a UL Buddy for the ‘UL Buddy System’, and made two wonderful friends, and I am hoping to do the same in January, and perhaps a little bit of extra volunteering too this year. It’s all a working progress and a building block, I suppose.

2017 has definitely been a very monumental year for me. I believe I’ve grown as a person quite alot. I think I’ve matured a lot, and gained a lot of experience in the real world- from experience in the work area to relationships and friendships. From September onwards, I’ve felt like I’m increasingly comfortable around my friends, and feel like I’ve finally found my “gang”, if that makes sense. I’m increasingly grateful for the lovely ladies I call my best friends in my life at the moment, and I feel that has come with the experience and maturity I have gotten from 2017.

I turned 18 this year, and I also went ot my first festival, which was an absolutely experience like no other. Dad was convinced I wouldn’t last the 3 days, but I proved him wrong and despite the dodgy weather and awful weather on Sunday I survived it, and it was the best experience ever. Hopefully I’ll have some similar experience in 2018!

I secured a few jobs this year- I became a steward with UL Ents, and am still working for them. This is quite seasonal though, and only when they have events. I am super itnerested in getting my security licence with them, and hopefully I can get that sorted in the new year too!

really want to monitor my money a little better too- I’m always saying it, and always failing, but it’s so important, as I really would like to save some money!

In terms of fashion, makeup and beauty: I want to improve in all aspects. Because I’m crap in all aspects. I had to get Eimear to style me for an interview this year, does that say enough? You all know I’m loving the lookbook posts, so hopefully this will all tie in and compliment each other. As for makeup, I’m pretty basic with my makeup. I only learned how to apply lashes decently this year, so hopefully I can learn something like proper eyeshadow or proper contouring in the new one, hahah! As for my skin care routine? Barely existent. I mean I’m all for taking my makeup off with miscellar water, and I moisturise but I’d love to learn about the importance of the other things such as toning and all that, and fully intend to adopt a proper skin care routine in 2018. Perhaps that’ll be a blog post that’ll go live some day in 2018.

Reading is a massive passion of mine, but I’ve been letting it slip quite a lot in recent times, and so I’m starting afresh, and aiming to read 10 books in the 365 days of 2018. That’s over a month per book so I’m sure I can accomplish this, right?

I also want to learn 5 new recipes, as I love cooking but seem to be too lazy to ever research new things. You never know- there might be a post on this someday too, haha!

In 2017 I picked up a few jobs on the way- I was a trainee leader for a performing arts Summer camp during Summer, and was also hired as Christmas staff for Dunnes Stores during Christmas. I’m gaining lots of experience- hopefully enough to secure myself a permanent weekend job?!

When in Prague I intend to pick up some Czech phrases. I would also love to pick up where I left off with Irish and French. I’m not sure is this a mad notion of mine or not, but it’s always handy to have a second or third language, right? I also want to pick the tinwhistle up again, because I do get some personal enjoyment out of this!

With my boxing I want to reclaim my National title, become a coach and become a judge. That’s easy enough right? The U22s are coming up, and I am going to be training my butt off from now until then in high hopes of winning my category.

The New Year is particularly exciting as I have my placement with I Love Limerick for the first half of the year, and my study abroad in the Metropolitan University Prague for the second half. It’s so weird to think I want be studying in UL at all this year, and it’ll be 2019 when I’ll be studying there again, but on the upside placement and study abroad are two very exciting opportunities that I’m only too excited to get involved in! I really want to broaden my writing and further my opportunities in this sector of my life, and really feel like I Love Limerick can give me the experience I am looking for. I also intend to continue to contribute to Oxygen and Campus, and again incorporate my organization here and get frequent posts up on these platforms.

I’m so excited for everything that the new year is going to bring. 2017 has been a whirlwind of a year and I’m so excited about what 2018 can bring.

What are your goals and plans for the year?



  1. My biggest goal is more sleep. With two little kids, one of them born last February, my sleep habits got really bad. I’ve had so many bad sleep nights that I’ve struggled in a lot of different ways: energy, mood, focus. I know that my quality of life, as well as my family’s will improve ten fold if a develop a better sleep routine.

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  2. You’ve got some great ideas! I too am on a health kick – drinking 2 – 3 litres of water a day and exercising. Need to work on my food intake too. All the best for this year xx

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