Simply Khloe Top 12 of 2017 | 1 Year Blogiversary

Happy Blog Birthday to me! I’m so excited that Simply Khloe is one year old! I’ll admit, I did set this blog up in November 2016, but I’m going by the day that I actually thought ‘fxck this, let’s actually make a post,’. It’s been one whole year since I posted my first blog- how crazy is that? It’s been an absolute hell of a journey- and I say that in a positive way!

My main goal of 2017 was my blog- and I’m so happy that I actually got the courage to set one up, and put myself out there once and for all! I most certainly did not want to let today slip without dedicating a post to my blogiversary. I was thinking of cool ways to commemorate my blog birthday, and thought a pretty cool idea would be to look back at 2017, in the perspective of my writing!

I feel like I’ve done quite a lot of writing this year, both in terms of my blog and for my college newspaper, as well as for some online forums such as and I want to pursue journalism of some sort after college, and so I feel building my portfolio will help me in years to come! I thought to commemorate my year of blogging, I would share my favourite posts over the last 12 months! Initially, as I had a bit of an absent stint during the months of March and April, I was going to do a piece per month, and incorporate my writing from An FocalCampus etc. A better idea, I came to was that I was just going to do my favourite 12 posts from my blog for the year! I feel like I’ve matured alot, and I’m learning what I like on my blog now. I love personal and reflective pieces, and I love writing playlists and lookbooks!

This year you can definitely expect more lookbooks! As I said in Looking Forward to 2018 I really want to learn more about style and fashion, and what better excuse to post lookbooks?

It’s been a fabulous one year, and I’m so excited for what the next year brings for Simply Khloe!


  1. 12 things you’ll know to be true if you were raised in the countryside.
    I was so proud of this post when I published it last February- reading it again, I still am pretty proud of it! It’s so relatable, I feel! This is definitely the first time I’ve ever experienced what inspiration for my writing was. Woooo! Go Me! I was literally walking my road one afternoon, and hit me how different the countryside is to the city
  2. Travel Bucket List
    I love this post. I love thinking about my travel goals, and hoping that someday they may come through. Everyone has a destination they 100% want to go to, right? What’s yours?images (3)
  3. 16 things to be learned at your first camping festival.
    Again comes the inspiration! In my defence, I’m still a massive believer that going to your first festival is a massive learning curve. I was a changed person after I battled the elements for those 3 days. Indie was one of the best experiences of 2017, and I’m so hopeful that I get to go again this year!What I learned at (1)
  4. 2nd Year College Goals
    The first half of the year, this blog was quite based on goals and things I wanted to achieve. Looking at this post half-way through 2nd year, I’m pleased to say that my college year is going well, and I’m really looking forward to a follow-up post, because this time I actually set myself acheiveable goals- and seem to be achieving them!thomas miller (1)
  5. My First Year in UL
    As I’ve said I love personal posts, and just getting it all out in the open! To this day, I think this is one of my most favourite posts- probably definitely my favourite reflective one, that’s for sure! As you may see in this post, my first year in college was a rollercoaster, and it was the best experience ever! I really feel like I matured and grew, and it was the year I decided I was able to blog! Why not?My First Year Experience. (1)
  6. Summer 2017
    Another reflective post. I felt like my Summer was quite average until I decided to sit down and consider the smaller options. Nose pierced. First Job. First Festival. Fairly productive, right?Summer 2017
  7. My Happiness
    This has to be here to spread a bit of happiness around! I consider myself an extremely happy person! I found myself becoming less happy though, and decided this was the perfect way to consider why this would happen, and why I would feel happy or sad. I’m really hoping in 2018 that I can better my self-care, and even do a post or two on self-care, as it’s so extremely important! Keep your eyes peeled!My Happiness
  8. Photo Diary ; 2 Days in Bristol, UK.
    Such a simple post with a few photos from my pretty average Galaxy J5, but I love rereading this post, and reminiscing in the litte weekend trip to Bristol I had a few months ago! The sightseeing really brought my inner tourist out, and I was immediately planning a photo diary as soon as I got home!2 Days in
  9. The Notebook Edit
    I’ve a little bit of a notebook obsession. I adore notebooks, diaries and planners and all things stationary, and so was delighted that I had the opportunity to justify it with a blog post.The Notebook Edit
  10. Top Songs of 2017 | 12 Days of Christmas | Day 6
    I was days without realizing just how to get my top 100 songs on Spotify, but when I did I was so happy. This post takes the 10 that I can agree with most, and I could easily say they are some of my favourite songs this year!Add heading (1)
  11. Looking Forward to 2018
    Again, as I’ve said I am crazy about goals and so of course I wanted to document my 2018 goals, as well as talk about my 2017 goals, which I’d outlined around this time last year! As you may see in the post I’m so excited for 2018 and everything it holds. From College to my blog, to personal life and my sport.New Year Thoughts (1)
  12. Festive Season Lookbook
    So, over the festive season I discovered my love for creating ‘Lookbook’ posts. I posted 2 over Christmas- this one is from Christmas Day, and St. Stephens Day, showcasing my new clothes! I’ve said before, and I’ll say again: I will be doing a lot more of these in 2018!Festive Season Lookbook


Until next year! What’s your favourite post from Simply Khloe been to date?



  1. Happy blogiversary! Time really flies when you’re having fun 😀 Checked out some of the posts you linked, they’re great. I especially enjoyed reading about the notebooks, i love anything stationary related xx

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  2. It’s crazy how fast a year goes by right! My blog anniversary is coming up in a few days and I cannot comprehend that I’ve actually been writing a blog for a year. It was my goal in 2017 as well. This is a great idea. I’m sure this post really made you reflect back. x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well done Chloe!!!!! Happy one year! 😀 It’s so nice to have something just for you that you can love and nourish isn’t it? I can’t believe mine is almost 4 now. It won’t be long till you’re saying that. I hope you have the best 2018 with your blog! 🙂 x

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