Diary of a Boxer – Part One

I’ve noticed that I haven’t ever actually dedicated a post solely on my passion of boxing. This month I have my All Ireland’s, and so in the run up to Christmas, and as much as I could around Christmas I’ve been training and cutting weight. To the best of my ability anyway. It was so hard around Christmastime, because.. well, it’s Christmas like?

Alas, I survived the festive period, enjoyed it even. I went out for my last time for the foreseeable future New Year’s Eve, and Dad and I said we’d start the year on a clean slate, and build on what I had been doing during Christmas.

New Years Day – 1st of January – Monday

I’ll admit I was super bold this morning, and no one knows but I had wedges for my breakfast, and a latte. In my defence, I was in Limerick, and I didn’t even have milk at home, not to mind anything healthy(ish) to eat. For my dinner, I had some roast lamb. My dinner was properly proportioned though- I didn’t have a lot of potatoes, but did however have a lot of cabbage, which is healthy, right?

Though, I’m meant to be training 3 times daily leading up to these championships, today was a bit of a fail exception. I didn’t come back to Cork from Limerick until 2, and so that knocked my morning session out of the way, and as I had dinner with my grandparents the afternoon session was given a miss too.

I did, however, have an extremely tough evening session doing a 30 minute circuit in my sitting room. This was the ideal plan for my day, as this particular circuit knocks the weight off me when I need it, and after the luxury of Christmas I knew it was the perfect way to get back into training. I mean business.

After all the crying and sweating during the circuit I ended my day on a notable healthy meal of boiled eggs. I also had 2 bottles of water with some lemon wedges.

2nd of January – Tuesday

As I’d expected I lost over a kilogram from yesterday evening to this morning, which was a pleasant boost to start my day, as I want to be on target by the weekend so that I can ease off my training in time for any fights that I may have in this competition.

I had boiled eggs for breakfast. My brother and I got a meal plan type of sheet from a personal trainer about a year ago, and the way he’s told us to have eggs if we are having 2 is to have one without the yolk. So, as much as it pained me to have to forfeit the yolk of my egg, I did. I also had tea, I don’t tend to cut tea out of my diet when I’m clean-eating.

My morning session was a run- I did 5 laps of the local park, which is the equivalent of about 2 and a half miles. My legs were quite sore and strained from last night’s circuit, particularly when I sprinted for the hill part of the lap, but I got there, and finished just before the rain started, another bonus! After my run, we did some grocery shopping and I helped mom pick up some veg and meats for my dinners. I also picked up a small carton of chocolate Mooju milk, which is high in protein and so great for recovery after sessions. It also tastes so nice too!

My 2nd and 3rd session weren’t as intense as they were before Christmas, or as intense as what they will be throughout the rest of the week. Both sessions were at home. For my afternoon session, I stuck to skipping and did 6 x 3-minute rounds with one-minute intervals. For my evening session, I did much the same. As I said, not as intense as what they usually are but my legs were still feeling the brunt of yesterdays circuit!

I had my dinner after my middle session. When shopping I decided today would be a salad day, and so I had some boiled chicken, sweetcorn, lettuce, spring onion, beetroot, tomato and red and green pepper, It was delicious. I actually love all that healthy food, and so find it not bad to actually eat! I did have a cup of tea with it, because I could never give up tea, I did, however, use Calogran instead of normal sugar!

After the third session, I had a fruit salad- half a banana, half an apple, half an orange and a handful of grapes with some natural yoghurt. Again, so delicious, and so easy to do!

I decided, as my training wasn’t as intense today I was going to have a carb-free day. I don’t think I’ve ever had a carb-free day (not purposely anyway!), but I’m shocked at how easily I achieved it.

3rd of January – Wednesday

Today before my run I forced myself to have ready brek. I would’ve sooner had some boiled eggs but according to the meal plan I’ve received only 2 eggs should be consumed a day, so I decided to save that for a later meal. Plus, I feel like the boiled eggs may suit my body better as an evening meal moreso than other things.

I went for a run, today I did a different route courtesy with a little help from Grandad. But, I did 6 laps, which is about 3 miles in under 30 minutes.

When I came home I had some fruit. In the afternoon I did 4 x 3-minute rounds of skipping followed by 2 rounds of shadow-boxing, nothing mad, but at the same time, the sweat was going!

The dinner I had today is one of my favourite type of dinners. Vegetable soup, with chicken and salad inside a pitta bread. As I’ve said, I’m actually a big fan of salads, and I’m an even bigger fan of homemade soups!



I was back at my boxing club this evening after the Christmas break. My session consumed of 6 x 3-minute rounds of skipping. I moved onto the bags then and did 3 rounds on the bags, where each 30 seconds was different- 30 seconds normal punching, 30 seconds punching with high knees, and 30 seconds punching non-stop on the bag, and repeat. It was tough, but I persevered. I had 3 rounds on the pads and then sparring. My sparring has been very tough lately and has been consisting of 6 x 3-minute rounds. For my championships I’ll be doing 3 x 3 minute rounds, so ideally if I’m able to do twice as much I should be hopefully able to do this for competition time.

I had a boiled egg when I came home after training. It was late enough, but I know by now that a boiled egg puts me up next to nothing, and so it was the perfect thing to have, as well as being high in protein, for the recovery of my body after the training.

4th of January – Thursday

Ready Brek for breakfast again this morning, along with half a banana. For this morning’s run we changed it up and I did a new route that I was told about at training last night. It was just under 2 miles, and the first half was a steady incline which killed my little legs, but I got through it. After that little route, I did an additional two laps of the park that I normally do to bring my mileage up to 3 miles.

It’s no secret that losing weight is all about what you eat. And starving yourself is not the right way to lose weight. Trust me, I can vouch for this one! For my lunch, I had half a bowl of yesterday’s soup!

My second session during the afternoon was my usual 6 rounds of skipping at 3 minutes each. After that, I did a few rounds of push-ups. 10 push-ups, and stand up and repeat 4 times. After the session, I had dinner, which today was potato, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and some turkey steak. I didn’t have much potato but what I made up for that with the vegetables.



Thursdays are usually days the club wouldn’t normally be open so we decided to do another at-home training session. This evening we decided was the best chance we’d get for me to give the circuit another bash. Though I only did half of it today (3 sets) the sweat was still flowing, and it was still remarkably tough. To make up for the 2nd half of the circuit I did sets of 10 push-ups, and 10 squats four times.

I finished my day off with a boiled egg. Of course, I’m still keeping on with plenty of fluids and had a few bottles of water mixed with my lemon throughout the day.

5th of January – Friday

I had the exact same breakfast as yesterday- Ready Brek and half a banana. I’m getting used to ready brek again. I’m very picky and hate it being lumpy, but I’ve seemed to relearn the knack of making it as smooth as possible, and it’s actually quite a decent breakfast! Today we worked on hills a little bit more and I did 4 laps of the same route I did Tuesday, incorporating a large hill (that I didn’t run Tuesday!). It was really tough, but the idea of hills is that I speed up ( well, try!) some bit and it gets my body used to changing paces, like it does in a contest.

At 3 I had my afternoon session, I kept it simple as I was on my own today and stuck to the 6 rounds of skipping solely. Dinner was fish and veg with a potato. I believe the fish is called smoked colly, and it was lovely!

Training this evening was quite minimal because I’m going to Dublin tomorrow. I did my usual skipping. I did a round on the bags and a round on the bags and finished up with two rounds of shadow-boxing. I was in bed quite early as

6th of January – Saturday

For my Saturday training, I am usually meant to go for an extra long run in the morning and that’s me for the day. Other times I may have a spar arranged for the afternoon, and so if that’s the case I just go for my normal run.

Today was a special day, though because my sisters and I travelled to Dublin for an all-female training day/ sparring session in a club in Tallaght. Despite the early morning rise, and the long journey it was so worth it, and the day was a great experience. The current world medallist, Kellie Harrington arranged it, so it was great to not only meet her but be able to train under her surveillance. I brought my own lunch, because I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get specific food and fruit, but there was a fantastic spread from the club, and they were all so healthy.

There was a Sports Psychology talk after the session also, which was a fantastic learning curve, and I’ve taken a lot from that talk in relation to my mental preparation for the upcoming championships.


I stuck with my porridge for breakfast. It was quite early but nice allthesame! We had a pit-stop on the way up to Dublin, and I bought a coffee and bottle of water, and had an orange and small plain chicken wrap.

I was home about 5pm, and mom had vegetable soup ready with potatoes, leek, celery and carrots.

7th of January – Sunday

Rest day! Sunday is more often than not my rest day, and this week it was particularly important. With training, it is so important to give your body a proper chance to recuperate from training, as it can take a lot from your body. I stuck to the eating plan, however, and started my day off with good ole’ Ready Brek.

For lunch, I kept it simple and had 4 oatcakes with peanut butter. Of course, I drank loads of water.

I decided a salad was the best option for today’s dinner. I did treat myself to a cup of tea too!


For my evening snack, I had a banana.


I think I’ve had a very healthy start to the new year! That is excluding the little blip I had on Monday, which is kind of disappointing considering I started the new year on a fail, but it’s not exactly a fail, as I picked myself up and even got the weight down! What do you think of these type of posts? This is part one of a two-part series for the run-up to my championships which are next week!



  1. I’m so in awe of this! I’ve been working on eating healthier recently and honestly this gave me a lot of inspiration! Your salad looks really good (and organised haha) and the amount you train shows real dedication! Would love to see more posts like this!
    Jas xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re definitely very disciplined! I’ve been on a health kick recently, especially as I’m getting married in a few months. I really need to up my discipline levels. I’ve started Taebo again which I love, so hopefully that increases my fitness levels! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gosh, I’m in awe of you right now! I used to be really fit and was very into running, but in the last few years I’ve slipped massively and the thought of going for a run right now is pretty hellish. You’ve made me remember how much I loved it though – I’d love to pick it back up this year, maybe towards the second half as my baby gets a bit older!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, I’m so impressed with that training schedule! I thought I was being good, fitting in an extra run and gym session, nothing to what you have been doing though 😀
    And it’s so great to hear of someone eating lots of healthy nutritious food instead of faddy dieting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, your so kind! Ah, we’ll I’m not saying this is my diet all the time- I’m the worst possible person for eating the wrong foods but I need to for competition & this helped alot too!


  5. What a great start to the year. You sound so focused and on it. Everyone has the occasional dip, but wow! It’s quite intense being a boxer by the sounds of it. I love some of the meals you have. So healthy!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great post, I’m looking to start boxing this year but I’m not sure I could be anywhere near as disciplined as you! Really interesting to see what diet you follow too when training. Well done for staying so committed x

    Liked by 1 person

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