Diary of a Boxer – Part Two

Hey guys! I’m back with part two (week two) of the new year, and the last two weeks I’ve been keeping a diary of my training and eating regime in the run-up to my first competition of the year, the U22 Championships! Of course, I would be monitoring this regardless of my lil’ blog but as I said last week I haven’t dedicated any posts on boxing yet, and if I can’t dedicate a couple of posts in the run-up to the biggest competition of the year for me, then when will I?


Monday 8th

No change in terms of my breakfast. The Ready Brek is working for me, and I shall stick to that this week, I reckon.

I did 6 laps of the park in town today, which equates to about 3 miles. It was genuine freezing out but despite that, the 6 laps went by quick enough, and I wasn’t even that cold. Handy enough. After the run, we came home and for my lunchtime snack, I made a smoothie. I love smoothies but forgot all about the benefits of them until now. In my smoothie was milk, raspberries, strawberries and two spoons of the ready brek. Mom and I were trying to follow a recipe but ended up messing up the recipe. It was still really nice though, and actually quite filling!


My afternoon session resided in the boxing club this afternoon, I didn’t do a mad session, but it was still quite tough and tiring. I did my 6 rounds of skipping, as per, and then proceeded to do a really fast-paced round on the bags, before a round on the pads and then 7 rounds of sparring. Of course, to finish and warm down I did a round of shadow boxing.

Pork stir-fry was on the menu for dinner today. We all love stir-fry, it’s great for my siblings to love it as much as I do because it is quite healthy. But it’s unreal, so how could they not love it? For our stir-fry we put a variation of veg into the dish- including baby corn, carrots, and peppers (today we had red and green!) as well as some onion and a garlic clove. I seasoned my dinner with some extra garlic powder as well as chilli powder (weird, I know!).

Training was tough this evening. Extremely tough. It started as it always does- 6 rounds of skipping. Then I did the dreaded circuit from last Monday. It was so tough, and I was so tired after. I ploughed on though and did more pads and then 6 more rounds of sparring, alternating it with my clubmates, who are all amazing to help push me. I was exhausted, today has been a tough day.

Tuesday 9th

The day was started as every day for the last few days has started- ready brek and a nice cup of tea! I’m not complaining though, day by day I’m perfecting the porridge to the right consistency (what am I, Goldilocks??), and it fills me right up!

Again, same running session as yesterday- 6 laps of the same park, which is another 3 miles. The rain was pelting down today but I decided to wrap up, throw on a raincoat as well as gloves and a scarf and hop straight into the shower afterwards to combat any pesky colds that I could’ve potentially caught.

I had the second half of my smoothie today for my lunch also, it was actually way nicer than yesterday- perhaps because it was just after coming out from the fridge and was nice and cool!

I had my afternoon session about half 2 for just over an hour down in the boxing club. We brought down the intensity a bit this afternoon- I did 3 rounds of skipping instead of 6.

Dinner was very simple this afternoon, but it was lovely. Before I began experimenting with other healthy food and variations this was the fail-safe go-to meal for when I was cutting weight. Boiled chicken, and rice cooked with red and green peppers. I also had a shake of garlic powder on mine as well as a chicken shake and mix powder. Yum!

Training this evening was again not as intense as last night’s- THANKFULLY! I started with 3 rounds of skipping. I went on to do one round on the bags and then in for 3 rounds on the pads, followed by the same rounds of sparring of 6. This evening I finished my training session with three rounds of shadow-boxing. My weight was good this morning and this afternoon, and so I decided to have a boiled egg after training, which is high in protein, so very good for muscle recovery after training sessions.

Wednesday 10th

My weight is bang on where it should be as and from this morning, so that was a great start to my day, as all I need to do now is maintain it, which shouldn’t be too hard! I stuck with the ready brek breakfast because it’s clearly working and there is no way I’m changing what I know so close to my weigh in! I had a lovely cup of tea too, as I’ve said in my previous post I couldn’t dream of sacrificing my tea, hahaha!

My run was reduced this morning, and I reckon it’ll be my last one as my weight is good. I did 4 laps just to keep the fitness up, and felt great after! When I got home I decided I’d stick with a smoothie! Today we made it right! 8 strawberries, a quarter pint of milk (I watered some of mine down as it was full fat), a handful of blueberries and a spoon of ready brek! It was so good, and made the perfect amount for my cup!

The afternoon session was again reduced in terms of intensity- 3 rounds of skipping and 3 rounds of pads, followed by 4 rounds of sparring with my coach and sister, alternatively. I ended the session with a round of shadow boxing.

Dinner was salad, and it was so good, and I was actually so full for so long after. It was pretty much the usual- a cold boiled egg, one tomato, lettuce and spring onions, sweetcorn and boiled chicken. And beetroot (I love beetroot in salads!).


This evening we travelled to a club just outside Cork City for a spar. It was great, and showed me my sharpness is there, which is obviously exactly what I wanted to be realizing! When we came back home that was the end of my session.

I finished the day with a boiled egg. I’d checked my weight prior and as I’ve said I know that one boiled egg puts me up one gram, which is totally fine!


Thursday 11th

As I said yesterday, no run today. The plan was if I was under my weight not to go for a run, if I was on weight or a bit over, go for a run. Fortunately, I was under so was able to have a more relaxing morning. I stuck to the usual ready brek porridge with a little cup of tea. I’m looking forward to tomorrow more and more. Obviously, I’m just looking forward to weighing in and having that stress away from me! Though, this competition is weigh in before every fight- but once I’ve weighed in for the draw, I’ll be happy, because I know I can maintain the weight from then.

I only had one training session today, and that was the afternoon session. It was a very minimal session- 3 rounds of skipping, 3 rounds of pads, 3 rounds of bags and 3 rounds of shadow-boxing, and I was done! I did bags today instead of sparring as it’s quite close to the possibility of fighting!

Dinner was a salad again, I decided to steer away from carbohydrates for the meal, so a salad it was with lettuce, spring onion, an egg, tomato, cucumber and chicken, and beetroot. Yum!


Friday 12th

D-day!! Weren’t up too early for the trip to Dublin. I was .2 under before I left home and by the time I got up to Dublin I was .4 under- so fairly comfortable, and not weak from the cut either!

As you can imagine I was starving by the time it was our chance to get food! I actually brought chocolates from Christmas up in my bag. I always need to have chocolate before proper food after a weigh-in, it brings my sugar levels up quicker than anything else, and once I began taking this super seriously I was actually getting to the point where I would feel sick if I didn’t have the chocolate first.

I was a good girl when it came to breakfast time! I ordered a ham and cheese omelette and a regular coffee and a can of 7up (because again sugar levels, I’m not even joking). I also had several glasses of water.

The draw was at 2 and it was drawn that I’ll be fighting in the semi-final tomorrow week, which is fine by me, as it gives me another week to up my sharpness and keep the fitness up. The weigh-ins are daily also, so at least I could have a bit of a treat for the rest of the day and be back on track from tomorrow. But the weight is as good as made now, so it won’t be hard to maintain from now until next week.

On the way home we stopped and as a treat, I got pizza and chips, and a coke.

I was actually home in time for training this evening so I went down for a bit of a session, nothing mad really because by then I was knackered! I did 6 rounds of skipping, 3 rounds on the bags and a round of bags, followed by 4 rounds of sparring.

I actually wasn’t even hungry after training, but I’d had my mind on a lovely mug of tea to relax with so that’s how the day ended. Bliss.


Saturday 13th

For breakfast, I had a poached egg on toast! It was yummy, and I’d been craving a nice slice of toast since yesterday! Unfortunately, we didn’t have brown bread so I had one slice of white.

I didn’t go for much of a run this morning because the weather was awful all through the night, and the road was really wet. That, and I was a tad lazy, but I’m going to need to jump back on the horse quickly!

Dinner was yummy- turkey steaks and rice, seasoned with some garlic powder and some chilli powder. It was delicious!

I had one training session this evening, at about 5. It was actually quite a long session, though I didn’t find it all too intense, perhaps I’m just getting more used to these types of sessions. I started off with my usual 6 rounds of skipping, followed by 2 very fast paced rounds on the bags. I did 3 rounds on the pads and 3 rounds of sparring to keep the technique and sharpness there. To warm down I finished with 3 rounds of shadow boxing.

I had a banana after training. Bananas are quite high in protein, which as I’ve said before is great for recovery of muscles!


Sunday 14th

Ready brek for breakfast with a nice ole’ cup of tea, sticking to what I know. I wouldn’t mind but after the break from yesterday I was actually kinda looking forward to this, is that weird?

I was meant to be sparring this afternoon, but unfortunately my sparring partner was unable to come. So, I just went down with my brother and sister. It was meant to be a light session but it was a pretty intense session!

I did my usual 6 rounds of skipping, followed by 3 hard rounds on the bags and 3 rounds on the pads. Between the 4 of us, I got 6 rounds of sparring, working on everything I’ve been picking up over the last few weeks. I finished the session with 3 rounds of shadow-boxing.

We went shopping after and my brother picked up a no added sugar chocolate bar from Healthy Co by Lidl. Very intriguing. I think it was around 2 euro, but it was so nice, and if it’s a healthy alternative? I’m unsure, how much healthier it is, as of yet, but I will definitely be doing a lot more research into this brand, as well as this particular bar, because it was actually amazing? It did smell a little different to regular chocolate- more cocoa-ey really, but it tasted perfect, I dare say it was nicer than your normal chocolate bar!

For dinner, I had a salad, with a slice of brown bread and cup of tea. In the salad, as you can see, I had cucumber, egg, lettuce, spring onion, sweet corn, chicken, and tomato.

I drank so much water throughout the day, and I had some fruit for a snack. Supper was a nice light supper then, I had a slice of brown bread with a lovely boiled egg, that was boiled to perfection, haha.


Quite an intense week, I reckon this week will be a lot less intense, as I’ve done what I can do now! I’ll continue with my three sessions daily until Wednesday, and then begin the easing off of training, so as to avoid any aching muscles. I’m fit though, and the sessions are to just keep the sharpness there, as well as the weight down.

Hope you enjoyed x



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