My Fight Playlist

As I think you’ll all know by now I am competing in the U22 Championships this weekend! I’m really excited. I feel fitter than I’ve been in a long time. This is sad in one sense, because if I was this fit in Bristol perhaps things would be different… but no point stressing the could haves with the would haves and all that. Whatever happens this weekend and/or next I’ll know I did my best.

Recently, I’ve been getting more and more into music. I go through phases of lovely loads of new music and then throwing it way back to a load of the old-school classics. This week, however, I’ve been channeling the ultimate fight music, to get me in the zone!

  1. Gonna Fly Now, Bill Conti “Rocky” theme tune.balboa.jpg
  2. Thunderstruck, ACDC.
  3. Can’t be Touched, Roy Jones.
  4. Numb, Linkin Park.
  5. Till I Collapse, Eminem.
  6. The Best, Tina Turner.
  7. Shut Up, Stormzy.

Channelling the likes of Rocky and Mayweather- and all boxers in between!

Of course, I have a lot more than these 7 songs! Check out my Spotify playlist to see what other songs get me in training mode!



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