January Reflection

This year I’ve decided to introduce a new, end of month feature. I’ve always loved end of month reflections, so thought why not go for it myself? I’m so excited for 2018, even now, a month in I’m still very excited about the year ahead, and all the exciting prospects. I really want to make the most out of the year, and achieve the goals I’ve set myself. One of the main things I want to do in 2018 is to be positive, and not give a damn.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a pretty positive and happy gal, so I really feel like this shouldn’t be too hard, but there’s no point stressing and dwelling on silly crap, and I want to enforce that in 2018.

So, my month- (and year!) started all systems go, and really, once January 1st hit there was no more lazing around and eating Christmas treats as I was back in training for the U22 National Championships in boxing. I trained my butt off and ate all the right foods, as you’ll see in my training diaries (which was great fun writing!).

The day of the weigh-ins and draw came, and there was 3 in my category (including moi), and I was drawn to fight in the semi-final the following weekend. I had another week of training, which was great as the weight was made and all I had to do was maintain it therein.

I was back in Limerick that same week, which didn’t exactly help me continue my training, but I joined the gym the very first day and went in a few times, as well as training in a club Limerick city.

Semi-final day was there, I had such a great support system which really meant a lot. I had been drawn to box a girl that claimed Silver in the World Championships in Japan previously, so knew I was against it. I had to be positive and believe in myself despite this. However, I knew I was up against it, and lost graciously to the boxer that went on to take the U22 National Gold in our category. A loss is always hard to take, but I trained my butt off and made the weight, and I knew I simply could not do any more on this occasion, so I’ll take it as a lesson!

One thing I neglected last semester in my college house was jazzing up my college room and making it more homely, and more Chloe. Not happening this semester, and the proof will be a product of a blog post that I will have in February! I have my tapestry at the ready, and my fabulous Printiki prints at the ready, along with lots of candles and fairy lights!

This semester in college, I’m on off-campus work placement. Which is mad, but so exciting. I secured my placement in I Love Limerick last semester, and I have to say the experience in the last two and a half weeks alone has been truly amazing. I’m shocked and amazed at how much I’ve learned across the spectrum of social media and writing articles and so on, and the best thing about it is that this is pretty much exactly the type of thing I want to do when I finish college, so it’s the best type of experience possible. The other day I went to my first event, and though I’ve given interviews before through An Focal they’ve always been one-on-one, so having to approach people in group settings for quotes was definitely a different experience, but as the event went on I definitely got the hang of it!

I’m very happy with the direction my blog is going in, at the moment. I feel, particularly in the first half of the month I was so diligent and on the ball. Obviously, it’s nowhere near where I want it, but I’ve had the best views this month, and I also hit a new record in one day, which I was silently proud about. I have so many plans for my blog this year, so many new ideas and I’m very excited to further broaden my writing, and meet more fellow bloggers. 1 thing that I’ve been delighted to start learning this month is proper planning and scheduling.

I set up an Instagram for Simply Khloe! To mark my 1st blogiversary I decided there’s no time like the present and decided to just go for it, so I did. Follow my blog Instagram here. I’ve really been enjoying my Twitter experience, so hopefully, I’ll be able to master Instagram eventually too!

With my placement starting, life has been pretty hectic so my blog has taken a bit of a minor backseat, but I think I’m well and truly back, and happy to say that we’re going into February organised and managing time efficiently. Hopefully, in February I’ll further learn and utilise the whole planning and scheduling to reduce and possible stress and pressure!

I’m pretty content now. As I’ve said I’m quite a positive and naturally happy girl, and I always seem to be laughing but I’m just so content and fulfilled at the moment. Doing what I love, and knowing that I’m working towards my goals. A lot of people have being saying the month of January has been about 12 months in one, and for the most I don’t think I’ve had this issue, thankfully. January can be the bluest of months, of course. Such an anti-climatic month after the whole festive period that is Christmas. But, why waste time dwelling when a new chapter awaits?

How has your January been? Have you kept or broken any or all new years resolutions? Let me know! x




  1. Loved the post Chloe. Well done with getting your placement with I Love Limerick! I’ve followed your insta and I can’t wait to see your posts. I hope this year is filled with goals being achieved, happiness and success. Here’s to a great 2018! Xx

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  2. It’s great when you feel like you’re on the ball and everything is going well. Especially with blogging! I can never seem to keep it up and sometimes fall behind. I love the idea of a monthly reflection.

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  3. I wish I was a naturally positive person but it something I have to work at. Good luck with Instagram. It is a strange and fickle place at times but stay true to yourself and you will love it. It is my favourite platform by far.

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  4. Sounds like you’ve had a hectic one. Well done on the placement and I can’t believe you threw yourself straight into boxing after the New Year. I was still sat eating sweets all through Jan, haha!

    Katie xoxo

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