Work Outfit Inspiration

I haven’t done an outfit post in awhile, so I thought it’d be cool to share some outfit inspiration for work outfits. As you may know, I’m working with I Love Limerick, a voluntary news website/platform based in Limerick (obviously!). I’m loving it! From getting out press releases and other various articles that are time sensitive, to going to cool events and launches, interviewing people and covering the launches on social media. Either, or are quite different.

A typical office day can be more of a laid back type of outfit, whereas events and launches can be a little more well-dressed. I’ve been loving blouses, Chelsea boots, and printed trousers, and have really been loving experimenting with different outfits!


Outfit #1 – Casual day at the office!


A normal day, without any events, is pretty much just at our little office with a cup of tea and our laptops and mobile phones at hand. The day would consist of us getting through press releases and/or articles, emailing people for leads on said articles, and sharing social media posts on our socials to advertise events around the area throughout the following weeks or so. Ideally, I want to be comfortable. This particular day I was embracing comfort quite a bit, but I still feel it works.

I’m obsessing with black and white outfits with one block-coloured piece at the moment. Here, I’ve teamed an aztec-printed black and white bodysuit and plain black leggings with a pink cardigan and my trusty converse. I was extremely comfortable in the outfit, and it was the perfect outfit for the day of work I was doing.


Outfit #2 – Semi-Casual / Semi-Professional Office to Event!


Events are tricky because obviously there’s so many different types of events that you could be going to cover and interview people at, so how do you know what to wear? I’ve been to 3 different ones so far, and they’ve been a mix of both quite well-dressed to a little more laid-back. Here, I’m attending the Limerick Fringe launch. It was great, and such a fun event!

I’ve been loving this black and white turtle-neck type top lately. It was €3 in Penneys and has become a staple in my work-wear wardrobe. Teamed with black skinny jeans and a pair of black Chelsea boots, I felt it was the perfect type of outfit to transition from a day of working in the office (still quite comfortable) to attending an event such as the launch Limerick Fringe (dressy-casual, is that the right phrase?).


Outfit #3 – Dressy Event Outfit!


For the purpose of a more formal event that I was attending last week, I felt a trouser and blouse combo would work well. My brown Chelsea boots completed the office (Penneys €10!) along with a white cardigan. I wouldn’t be a massive fan of these types of cardigans but I feel like I may use this particular one quite a lot, as it makes an outfit more tied together in my opinion, and white goes with everything, of course. I think an outfit like this is quite nice, and age appropriate as well as occasion appropriate.


Obviously, all jobs have different work-styles and dress codes. For example, my housemate and I were chatting a few days ago, and she was considering a suit outfit as appropriate, whereas for my job I didn’t feel it would suit.

What’s your favourite outfits for work?




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