February Reflection

Well, this has certainly been a crazily busy month! Hectic to say the least!


I’m really in the thick of my placement now, and I’ve definitely settled in a lot over the last few weeks. Last week, in particular, was absolute madness. There’s a few projects and stories I’ve worked on and being working on, and they are all really exciting. As I’ve said I’m learning so much, it’s amazing how much I’ve learned about what I want to pursue in the future.

I was a bit skeptical about contributing to An Focal this semester because, as I wouldn’t be on campus would I really be able to? As well as the fact I have been super busy!

Nevertheless, I decided I’d go to a meeting, and instantly fell back in love with contributing to the paper, bursting with ideas for the first issue. I guess the prospect of being a section editor of some sort swayed me also.

So yeah, I am so excited to have taken the role as News Editor, and Online Vice- Editor of An Focal for the semester, I’m very excited to continue contributing to An Focal, and the first edition was amazing, the new look is simply divine.

This month, I’m shocked to say I got my fair share of socialising, despite how busy I was! I was so excited when I heard Basshunter was going to be playing in Habitat, Valentines Night. It’s not like I was going to be going out and celebrating Valentines (joys of the single life, lol!), so I went out to see Basshunter with my friend from home as a Galantine celebration!

I was shocked that not everyone shared my excitement, but it was amazing and very nostalgic. I think my 13 or 14-year-old self would have died with the excitement of it all!

Didn’t forget my own RAG week! Photo: UL Photo Soc.

I also got the fab opportunity to work as a steward for Ents during UL RAG/ Charity Week at the Riptide Movement, which was pretty cool! Unfortunately, due to the red weather warning that has come into action across the country, Tom Zanetti was cancelled for the courtyard, and though I was still recovering from the near-frostbite from Tuesday, I absolutely adore Tom Zanetti and sad at the missed opportunity. Maybe another time, however.

Work has been super hectic, and I’m in the city so much I think I’m literally drinking my body weight in coffees! However, Eimear and I are totally turning this into a positive, and have decided we’re going to compile a list of all the places around the city that we want to try before our placement is up.

Speaking of which, we tried Boojum for the first time this month- at the new Boojum that opened up across from Arthur’s Quay, and am I obsessed? The answer is yes, I am indeed.

I didn’t get much blogging done this month, which is disappointing. February, as I’ve said has been the most hectic (and stressful) month of my life! However, March is my birthday month and in true Irish celebratory fashion, I have a few blog posts dedicated solely to that, amongst others! Organisation is key, and I intend to start the month off somewhat organized! I also really want to start organizing myself better so that I can contribute actively to An Focal, Campus and The Growing Up Guide.

I did (productively) finally pick up the Theory Test CD, I have yet to open it, but maybe that can be my March goal? I need to start driving so I am going to get on that, I hope!

I’m really excited for March, as I’ve planned ahead, and I’m hoping for a super productive and successful month! How was your February?



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