March Reflection

I’m really loving that I’m staying consistent with these end of month reflections. I’m enjoying sitting down for a moment at the end of every month to think of it what’s went on and look at everything that has happened.

The start of the month boxing took over again, as we had the Intervarsity Championships, which is the All Ireland’s of college boxing. I was apprehensive about entering as I wasn’t confident in my fitness, comparing myself to how I was in January.

I am very slow to turn down an opportunity to compete, or even spar, yet I was wary. I decided to go for it and entered myself with high hopes in claiming my third national title.

29066937_1973844639311728_1263499633825415168_oFor the first half of the month, I resided in Dublin for the weekends. Despite my ideas, there was three in my category, and I was drawn to fight in the semi-final, with one girl awaiting the winner in the final on March 16. I won the semi-final on a 5-0, unanimous decision, and I was delighted. It finally sunk in that I was going for a national title, and I trained quite hard the week between both fights as well as eating right.

I travelled up to Dublin the night before the final, even though the fights weren’t starting until evening, but I wanted to be as relaxed as possible.

The fight was peculiar. I lost by a 3-2 split decision, with 3 judges siding for my opponent, and 2 believing I had won the fight. Just before the decision was given, I knew I’d lost on a split. I was beaten in the first round. I never got started, and I don’t know why this happened. I turned the fight around in the second round, and won that handily. It was all down to the last round, and I believe she may have swerved it.

I was devastated, god love me, but you must take the losses with the victories, and there’s no doubt that I won’t take a lot of learning from the fight.

29342410_1983107835052075_508287831630675968_oI got to visit Galway for the first time at the start of the month also! I was working, but I was still very excited, and I got to see a little bit of Galway. I’m going to be returning at the next opportunity I go, as it seemed so stunning from the little I saw!!

March is probably my favourite month, as it’s my birthday month, whooo! That, and St. Patrick’s Day!

I had the best birthday ever! It was such a lovely day, and it wasn’t even a totally mad day! It was sunny for one, which always puts me in a good mood- I mean, who doesn’t get put into a great mood when it’s sunny out?

29138404_1988220587874133_741742043_nWe had lunch that day, and cake! We visited the new vintage shop SPICE Limerick also, I’m a little bit obsessed. I had my eye on a shell jacket that I wanted to pick up! I left it though, and when I went back it was gone (tear, tear!). Oh! We also did a mini photo shoot down on the boardwalk!

For the actual celebrations, my friends came over and we had some drinks, and then we went to the Stables in UL for Techno Tuesday. I thought the actual night would be quite because my birthday is on the 20th and St. Patricks Day is (obviously) the 17th, but it was super busy and it was a great night- that said I’ve never had a bad night out in the Stables anyway. A fabulous day, and evening, it’s amazing what surrounding yourself with good people does, and I was lucky enough to spend my birthday with my amazing friends (sappy, but true!).

I also took on my newest role, as University editor of a new online website called, The Growing Up Guide. I didn’t think I’d get the role when I’d applied, as I have only started contributing, but I was so chuffed when I got the role, and I’m so excited to get started and build my portfolio furthermore through The Growing Up Guide!

My placement has finally started levelling out. There was a time where I was so super busy with my placement, I had no time for anything else. I guess that’s what working in media is like, though! I always say about my organization and time management, yet I haven’t fully mastered it yet, but we’ll get there… eventually.

29425484_1983105988385593_6305136746443046912_oI’ve proper started going to the gym this month, particularly the second half, as boxing hasn’t been on with midterm and the likes. I’m loving the gym!

It took me a hot minute to settle my blog this month! It was only the second half that I really was able to post regularly. I’m hopeful that I can keep up this consistency in April!

I’m really looking forward to April! It’s kinda scary that we’re already finished the third month of the year- we’re a quarter of the year done?! I really want to start managing my money and my food a lot more this month! I think after the college intervarsities I fell off the bandwagon quite hard, so I really want to get back into meal planning, and try and find new ideas of Pinterest! I have a lot of ideas for my blog this month, Limerick student Race Day is looming so I’m really excited for that. I don’t have an outfit, but I’m really looking for something student friendly money wise, and pretty and different, any ideas hit me up!! Eimear, Ryan and I also went to see Game Night during the week- I thought it was hilarious, and would definitely recommend!

How was your March? What are your April plans?



  1. Congrats on your national title! In terms of my New Years resolutions, March was a bit of a fail but hopefully I can start achieving them again this month!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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