April Reflection

Another end to a month, another end of month reflection.

At least if I can guarantee one blog post per month, I can at least do an end of month reflection, though this is even late… oops!

To be perfectly honest, the month went from me, and I didn’t even realize it was the end of the month until.. well, it was the end of the month, but alas, here we are, into a new month!

31706372_2031108706918654_3546807276054511616_n.jpgAs other months this year, April was quite busy. Not as busy as previous months, but still busy. Placement is going really well. I’m halfway through and have learned quite a lot of things, that I wouldn’t have learned in a lecture hall. It’s really made me consider what I want to do after college, more than usual.

I’ve always wanted to go into journalism, but in fairness that is quite broad, and I’ve learned that I really like working in social media also, so there you go. For now anyway.

Limerick Student Race Day was this month, and I’m sure everyone knows that student race day is one of the highlights of the student year. As in, it is one of the biggest days- if not the biggest day in the student calendar.

I was delighted to be able to get the day off my placement and be able to go, as it was an amazing day. I love any excuse to dress up, and the races are such a dressy occasion.

I had considered wearing a yellow dress that I had at home, but had been searching on boohoo.com for two-piece pants sets, and was delighted to have picked up the outfit I wore for only €15 (including delivery!). The quality was quite good considering the price! I teamed the two-piece with a baby pink coloured blazer, and nude heels, both from Penneys, and I was off!




Easter_Winter_Prague.jpgI got my official Erasmus email the other week, and I’m so excited to get started on planning and organizing! Though UL had confirmed we were going to Prague, it was still amazing to finally get the acceptance email from the University in Prague that I’ll be placed with!

May will be spent sorting out our applications, and getting the ball rolling! It’s exciting, yet daunting, but I’m sure I’ll make the most out of it, as it’s a fantastic opportunity to get through my course!

I haven’t been competing much recently, but I was delighted to get a couple of spars during the month. I really want to get back training super hard, and get a couple of exhibitions or proper contests in the next few weeks, especially as I doubt I’ll compete at all when I’m in Prague! Boxing is finished in UL, and so I’m left to my own devices and have been keeping up with the gym. I even went for a run the other day, because it was such a nice day!

My sisters have been competing a lot lately, as they are in the midst of their championships. We were in Dublin during the weekend, and they were both in National finals. One won, and the other lost, so it was mixed feelings in our house, as we were gutted for Leah, but delighted for Katie! If I get along with my siblings over one thing it’s boxing, and I genuinely feel every joy and pain they feel in the sport!

This month I bit the bullet and joined Netflix. Monumental things happening this month, hahaha! I always thought I didn’t have time (which I probably don’t!), but I’m sick of listening to all my friends on about shows and movies I can’t watch, or watching TV shows, and losing where I am in the show, and giving up. I’ve started Gossip Girl, and Friends, as well as watched a few movies.

I’ve never watched Friends all the way through from the start, so I’m intrigued to see for myself how amazing it is!

As for Gossip Girl, I’ve never even watched one episode. I’m two episodes in (I only started last night, so don’t criticize!), and I’m already living for Serena and Dan, and I really do not like Chuck.. not a massive fan of Blair either, to be honest…

The big highlight of the month has to be April 23 when I got my braces off! After one year, and seven months, the day came where I finally got them off. I’m absolutely delighted with my teeth, I can’t exactly put my enthusiasm into words!

I found it extremely hard to find a before photo, I never really showed my teeth. I wasn’t conscious of them up until recently before I began with the orthodontist, but I’m so happy with how they’ve turned out, and couldn’t recommend braces enough! The year and 7 months flew, I didn’t miss the time going by!

I haven’t been particularly amazingly active with posts lately, but I’m really hoping to start the month as I mean to go on, and have posts planned for the month! Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to actually sit and write them in time this month!


How was your April? What are your plans for May?


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