May Reflection

At the risk of repeating myself; I really can’t believe it’s June already! We’re into the 6th month of the year- that’s almost halfway!

May has been busy. Working in I Love Limerick kinda guarantees that every month is busy, but May has been busier the busiest month in a while, as there were quite a few events. Some cool, and some not so cool, but we got through it, and I’m living to tell the tale!

32336779_2044705898892268_7823601925475008512_n.pngWe were thrown straight into the thick of it for the May bank holiday weekend, with Riverfest and the Bon Secours Hospital Great Limerick Run on simultaneously! It was a hectic four-day weekend, to say the least! The weather was fab though! So fab, that we all got a little sunburned the Saturday, who would have thought?

Friday we had to cover Fashion Friday, with guest host James Patrice!!!!! We were only delighted, after being asked to cover an event he was at last month and then not being able to go. Alas, we finally met him, and he was simply amazing!

We had an event during the week then, and there was free pizza and free beer. Richard gave us the pizza to take home (being students, and poor). We decided to see if there were any homeless people on the streets and offered them the pizza, as we’d had plenty during the event!

Karma definitely works, because that Friday I was taking the bus to Dublin from UL, and was unable to buy the ticket on my card as I hadn’t enough in my card! I made it to the bus, thinking the bus was €12, but it was actually €15! Of course, I only had €13, thinking that was plenty. But a man got off the bus and gave me the change I needed. I mean, I know it was only €2, but that was so decent, and this act of kindness really turned my day around!

Photo: Sophie Goodwin.

We didn’t have much of a break with our weekend work, as Darkness into Light, Limerick was the following Saturday! Again, this was actually pretty cool to cover, it was quite cold (we all know good weather in Ireland doesn’t last long!), and obviously it was really early in the morning, but the Unity Gospel Choir were blasting all the songs, and their energy was infectious!

In the thick of it all, we were currently homeless, and under a serious need for a home! With Summer, our leases were nearing the end. Ryan and I decided we’d move in with Eimear and Cora. Only there house was taken for Summer. So we all decided to move into my house. Only my landlords decided they were going to continue the renovations and wanted us out. It was touch and go for a minute, but we were delighted to eventually secure a lovely 4-bedroom and now we’re a happy little family, lol.

Anyone from Ireland- and even surrounding countries will know the 8th Amendment was repealed this month! It was my first time voting, and I’m very proud to say I voted yes! It was definitely a very historic day. I really feel like everyone is entitled to their own choice.

The last half of the month was an emotional, and very successful as both my sisters reached new heights in boxing! After battling for quite some time, Leah claimed her first National title, and to say that she’s put blood, sweat, and tears into it, would be a massive understatement, as she’s met a lot of bad luck!

On the other hand, the baby of the family got selected to represent Ireland in the European Championships in Albena, Bulgaria! Team Ireland flew from Dublin Airport last Monday, May 21 and returned Wednesday morning, just gone. Katie is only 12, and so you can only imagine she struggled a little bit at the start from being away from us all. Buuut, in a true turn around she quickly adjusted to the change, and she came back with a European Bronze Medal! I was delighted to be able to get the morning off and surprise her by coming to the airport- sure I was only bawling! It was very disappointing to see that, despite a media invite on the IABA website, there was not one to be seen! Not even a photographer or journalist, not to mind aiming high and hoping a television camera would be there! Team Ireland brought 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 6 Bronze, and all the kids deserve the recognition.


Eimear and I finally finalised our applications to the Metropolitan University Prague! We left to the last minute- what’s new- but we made it, and I’m super excited! The weather has been particularly fabulous this week or so, and we decided we’d go to the pontoon and have a few drinks, so we thought it would be great to try some Prague/Czech beer, to “Czech what the future tastes like,” as Eimear put it. It tastes good if anyone wants to know!

We also went to the launch of the new Cailyn Ireland island in Shaws Department at the Crescent the other night. It was launched my MRS Makeup, who also gave a wonderful masterclass on Leanne Moore of GO Gym.



How was your May? What are your June plans/goals?

I have a few new blog post ideas, so hopefully, I can pull myself properly back on the bandwagon and get some consistency going again! I’ll also my focusing a lot on trying to get myself a lil’ Summer job!




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