My Four-Year Plan

Welcome back! Today I’m talking all about my life goals! Around this time last year, in a wave of ambition and determination, I set about with my idea of a 5-year plan. As I was halfway through the year I decided to go with a four and a half year plan!

I guess now, it’s gone down to about 3 and half years, but here is the “plan” I’ve set about myself for the next three to four years!




23107313_1823440997685427_571977322_o1. Pass my theory test: Like I’m talking short-term, as in, this Summer. Ideally. Hopefully.

2. Drink more water: This is something I believe I’ve said in all (or at least most!) of my goals posts to date! I have a constant battle with this. One day, I will drink loads of water, and another, I’ll drink absolutely none. But, there is no denying the great effects of drinking the correct amount, so I shall continue to battle on until it’s second nature.

1. Pass my driving test: Baby steps here, so I’m putting this into the mid-term goals, as what’s the point of pressuring myself too much? 

2. Try yoga/meditating: I have wanted to try yoga and/or meditating for quite some time. I would love to see if it works for me.

3. Grow my blog more and more, and get the “.com”: So far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my blogging experience, and I really want the growth of this blog, and myself as a blogger grow more and more.

1. Be financially stable: And learn how to budget! I was saying the other day, that my problem isn’t actually saving- I know how to save! I just do not know how to not spend money, unnecessarily!

2. Have my fortune read: Again, something I’ve always thought to be pretty cool, and would love to give a try for myself.

3. Grow my blog Instagram: Out of everything for my blog so far, Instagram is proving the most difficult for me to grow. I know it’s a gradual process, and so I’m definitely going to continue working on it.


College & Careers


The infamous Wolfie

1. Volunteer: I would love to volunteer as much as possible in college. The University of Limerick have an amazing incentive to get their students to volunteer with the PVA (the President’s Volunteer Award). I think volunteering is definitely such a great thing to do. This year I became a UL Buddy, and made a great friend! I also contributed loads to An Focal and contributed to the UL Boxing Club committee, and I was also a Student Ambassador for the AHSS.

2. Class Rep: I’d love to run for class rep when I come back from Prague. I’m not exactly sure why. I guess, perhaps I would like to further get to know my course mates more.

1. Peer Tutor: To become a peer tutor at the Regional Writing Centre in UL, you have to take on an extra module that is only done in the Spring Semester. Hopefully, this time next year I will have that module completed. Obviously, to become a peer tutor and complete the course, you have to pass, and I’m pretty sure you have to get an A, but I’m willing to make the effort and then apply for a job at the RWC in Autumn 2019.

2. Security Course: This year, I got a job with ULSU Ents. It’s very seasonal- Freshers and RAG week, and if there’s a concert then too, but I enjoy it! At the minute, I’m only a steward, but awhile back they were questioning the stewards’ interests in getting security licenses. The people with security licenses at the moment will soon be moving on, and so there will be an opening. I was once told to seize every opportunity that came my way, and so, I figured ‘Why not?’. Now, it’s something that I’ve found I really want to do!

download3. Sub-Editor at So, this has been on my plan since last year, and I’m delighted to be able to cross it off, as I became the News editor since!

4. Orientation Guide: Another goal of mine is to become an Orientation Guide before I leave UL. It looks like my only shot will be in 4th year, surely I’ll have enough knowledge about UL by then, right?

AnFocalLogo1. Editor of An Focal: I’ve been contributing to An Focal since I stepped foot into UL, and I was the News editor for some time this year! I’d love to finish my course, and come back for a semester, or maybe two and work as the editor of An Focal. As far as I’m aware it is only an internship, and so I believe the pay isn’t great, but depending on the finances in three years time it’s definitely been on my mind since I first began writing for the paper.

2. Volunteer Overseas: This is more of a far-fetched goal of mine, but if I was ever able to I would jump at the opportunity to volunteer overseas for some time. I know it costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time and effort to fundraise, and my only fear would be that I wouldn’t make the quota, and so that is what holds me back here. At the moment, anyway.

3. Become a journalist: Pretty self-explanatory really, right? It’s no secret that this is my absolute dream job- and has been since I can remember!



1. Coaching Course: Now, that I’m over 18, I’ve been absolutely itching to do all and any courses related to coaching etc. I’ve done everything I need to do before the actual coaching course, now, all I need to do is await the course date!

1. Judging Course: I have judged a handful of times over the last year. Again, I am awaiting a course date. It can be a long wait, from what I’ve learned, but I’m ready for when it finally crops up. From my experiences so far, I really enjoy judging fights, and am super excited to get the course done!

ESKER 17 - Pads with Aaron2. Win an All Ireland & represent Ireland: I won my first all Ireland title in 2016 in the G6 50kg category, and won my second last year in the IATBA Intervarsities at the Youth 48kg category. It’s tough in college, and the discipline really is hard to control, but I’m determined to get a third title, and I’m definitely going to reclaim my Intervarsities title in 2019. Hopefully, one of these wins lands me a place on the Irish squad for a time.

1. Chair ULBC: I’ve been a big part of the ULBC committee since I started college, I believe. I wanted to get myself involved, to be honest. I am pretty much the sole-runner of the facebook page, and I’m the current PRO of the club, which puts my love of social media and writing articles hand in hand with my love for boxing. I would really like to become the Chairwoman of the club before I leave. I want to be involved in boxing more than actually boxing, and I feel like this could be my first step.



2. Refereeing Course: This is the one course I am apprehensive about- am I confident enough to be a referee? This is why I’ve put it in the long-term, rather than mid-term, as with the extra bit of time I can work on the confidence that little bit more!

3. Work for the IABA: I’m very ambitious in working with/for the IABA. It’s worth considering become the PR someday, but I would also love to be a coach or manager for the Irish squads.


1. PRAGUE: As part of my course, New Media and English, I am required to study abroad on the Erasmus+ programme for the first semester of third year. Eimear and I bagged Prague in the Czech Republic, and the applications are all done now. This time five months we’ll be making the big move to live and study in Prague for 3 months! We really want to do a little bit of travel when we’re there, as it is quite close to a lot of big cities such as Amsterdam and Poland (two cities definitely on our list!).

1. Mini-trip: There is often deals on flights- and so I would love to go on a weekend break with my friends! I’m not picky where, as the deals are usually in the big cities anyway!

2. Working Holiday: My friend and I had talked about this two or three years ago, but the idea is creeping up on me again, it would definitely be an experience!

1. J1: Ideally, after I complete my four years of college, I would love to go on a J1 to America. America is a destination that is on my travel bucket list, and I feel like a J1 would definitely change and shape me further as a person!


Last year, almost every second post was a Goals post. I love setting goals! It gives me an incentive to be particularly productive, and it’s definitely a great motivator! Plus, if it’s out in the open, I’m more likely to really make an effort to hit these goals! What motivates you? What’s your ultimate goal for the coming future? Big or small!



  1. Awesome idea about the volunteering overseas/ working holiday thing. I’m in Ireland right now doing something similar using the Workaway platform so you might want to check that out! It’s really rewarding and an awesome way to travel, plus it doesn’t cost a fortune 🙂

    Oh, and I hope to be a journalist one day too ^_^ good luck with your goals!

    – Stela,


    • It’s something I would really love to do someday! Ah, that’s amazing! I’ll check them out. I hope you have a lovely time in Ireland!! Hopefully we’ll both be journos one day! Thanks for the comment!!x


    • I just had a rush to the brain one day haha! I’ve pretty much used the outline of my time in college, because I haven’t the slightest clue where I go from there hahaha! Thanks so much!!xx


  2. Come to Wrocław, Poland, when you are in Prague. It’s not big, but lovely and has it’s special atmosphere, plus, not far away from Prague 🙂


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