June Reflection

And the sixth month of the year is almost done and dusted! We’re officially halfway through 2018. That kinda makes me uneasy, so I think enough talking about that kinda craic!

June has been as busy a month as any other. In work, we pulled back a little from events to give ourselves some breathing space, and to mentally prepare ourselves for Limerick Pride which is starting Monday!

It’ll be bittersweet, as it’ll be our last major event with I Love Limerick, as we are finishing our placement on July 13. Then I have my Summer!

Making the most of the hot days, and our final weeks in Limerick!

I haven’t any major plans for Summer yet! I would love to go to a festival, but that’s looking very unlikely, I hate to say, so I guess I’ll just have to focus on some festival themed posts to keep my jealousy at bay! Tear, tear!

I pretty much need a job, and I bagged myself an interview Monday for a job in Cork City, so hopefully that goes well, and I can start the month off on a high! This month I’ve dropped so many CVs, and applied to even more jobs online, so I hope it begins to pay off. I had deliberated with a job in Limerick and considered staying in Limerick for the Summer, but unfortunately, it actually doesn’t seem to be a good idea, and finding one at home, or at least Cork City would be the best option!

I’ve also finally started using the Theory Test DVD that I bought ages ago, so hopefully I can get more time in on that in July! That’s definitely a massive Summer goal.

We had a surprise homecoming for my little sister, Katie at the start of the month! After she had come home with a European Bronze medal for the Irish Boxing Squad she only deserved it, and she was so surprised! We marched her down the main street in town, and at the end was all her family and friends, and she was so shocked at the people, it was fab to see! I’m so proud of her, and she finished her last day of primary school too, so she’s really growing up!

I feel like I have really picked up my blog game this month, and I’m so happy that I’m seeing results for the effort I have made. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- there’s definitely room for improvement! However, I had so much free time in January, and since I’ve been on placement I’ve been up and down, but I really think I’m on the right track again! I exceeded 200 followers on my blog, so I’m absolutely ecstatic, as I didn’t think I’d see that figure for another while! In July, I really want to improve my blog in terms of Pinterest! I really want to learn how to make the pinnable links for my posts.

Instagram is getting there, slowly but surely! I really want to up my game this month on my Instagram, in terms of increasing my interaction! I’m living for Twitter at the moment, I’ve found it so easy to get my interaction up, and I’m loving meeting fellow bloggers. The support is amazing! I’ve gotten involved in a few comment and follow threads this month, and I’m definitely going to go for it again in July!

Been trying to wear some Summery outfits the last few days! Don’t think I’d cope very well going around in anything else! Also trying out the Lusso Tan, this is it the day after I put it on!

This month I’ve also opened my mind to new music! I’m so bad for listening to new music, I just hate the process of having to listen to a song, and choosing whether it’s good or not, haha! But I’ve been great this month- I’ve really made use of my Spotify, and I’ve listened to a few albums, which is very different for me!

My favourites are definitely Lykke Li’s new album, and Kanyé’s! I’ve also spent the last few Fridays dedicating my music to the New Music Friday album as well as my own Release Radar which has introduced me to the best new tracks, chosen specifically for what I have been listening to! I also found a new band Kawala, and I’m loving them- be sure to check them out, and let me know what you think of them!

The weather in Ireland has been frickin’ amazing the last week or two! I’m not complaining one bit, I swear. I’m absolutely melting away, but we have the worst luck with the weather, so we really do deserve it!

The last week or two I’ve been doing a lot of running and walking! I have yet to renew my membership in the UL gym, and I probably won’t at this stage! When the weather is so fab, how bad is a nice walk or jog around UL? I mean, the views are amazing, and who doesn’t love the pontoon?

It’s meant to stay fabulous for another few weeks (apparently! Then again, it’s Ireland so who even knows?!), so I’m really hoping for some fabulous Summery photos!



How has your month gone? What are your July goals? Happy Summer!!




  1. I enjoyed reading this post! Congratulations on the 200 followers! And I wanted to go to some festivals this summer but couldn’t afford to go either. I hope all goes well with your interview and thank you for recommending new music xxx

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  2. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely month! We’ll done to your sister that’s a huge achievement! I live in Cork and work here and I think it’s a great place to live so best of luck with your job search! Hope you enjoy your summer! X

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  3. Sounds like a busy month for you! I also can’t believe how quickly this year has gone I SWEAR it was Christmas like 4 days ago?! June was pretty quiet for me; it was my boyfriend’s birthday at the beginning but then not much happened after that.

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