Love Island 2018

I wasn’t going to bother with a Love Island post if I’m honest! Then I figured, it was such a vastly popular show, why wouldn’t I get my two-pence in?

I love Love Island. Excuse the double word, but I really do. I’ve been a die-hard fan since the 2nd Season, when I came across it one evening (the evening Rykard went off on one because his partner, Rachel was dumped, and then left the show to be with her) and was instantly hooked. I love this type of telly though. I love all types of dating shows- First Dates, Blind Dates, Don’t’ Tell The Bride.. and right up at number one: Love Island.

I’ve yet to watch the first season, but I will, and I pledge on that. I heard it’s making it’s way to Netflix soon, and you can bet top dollar that I will ditch everything and anything I’m watching at the time to binge-watch Season 1. The same goes for Love Island AU. I just adore this show, and I hate to admit it but my day literally revolves around 9pm when it’s on- or the time I get to watch it if I can’t watch it live.

This year has been like no other and hasn’t failed me. I missed the first week, but briskly caught up on the weekly hotlist, rest be assured!

I think we’ve all got our opinions by now, we’re over halfway through if you don’t have an opinion now, what’s going on? I feel like my opinion changes every show for certain things. I wrote this a few days ago, and had to highly edit it, and add in a lot before publishing! I wanted to incorporate a wholly rounded opinion, so it was helpful in a way, I guess.

Starting off with the originals I’m sorry but I was delighted to say a massive goodbye to Hayley. She bothered me so much and was just so full of herself. At first, I felt sorry for Eyal, and the way she treated him. I never saw the good-looking side of him, but each to their own. However, the way he treated Alex when trying (and succeeding) in winning Megan over was awful. He really reeked of desperation from my point of view and lost most of my respect.

We’ve heard of Muggy Mike, but had you heard of Arsehole Adam? Adam is your typical fuckboy. It’s awful to see the girls falling for him, victim by victim. And smirking all along the way. He dropped Kendall for Rosie, almost dropped Rosie for Megan, but then ended up dropping her for Zara.

He treated Rosie like such crap. I hadn’t grown to like her that much until when I saw how strong she was when she dealt with him and his sh.. crap! But she really stood up for herself, and told him how she felt- even if all he did was laugh in her face, I still salute her. I felt she may have went about post-breakup a little bit better, with all her sauntering and whatnot, but she left the villa gracefully and it was somewhat decent to see she left with him on okay terms, I guess.

Perhaps he really does have true feelings for Zara, who knows? But, I really picked up on the part where the vote-off was revealed, and he sat down with the boys. Personally, if that was me I would be straight over to my partner to hug them and reassure them regardless of what I was told. The poor girl was left to sob. I know he came over after but that was after.

When Darylle came to Casa Amor I was obsessed with her! I love the spelling of her name, and I love all her tattoos and piercings! I think we were all a little shocked when he admitted things weren’t as good as what they could be with Darylle, and in fairness he didn’t seem the same after Zara left, so perhaps he will try and pursue it (successfully) outside. I hate to admit, I was actually a lil sad to see him leave the villa, but I’m very interested to see if Zara and Adam work out.

Wes and Laura seemed to be going strong, but the cracks began to show eventually. Personally, I think Wes is far too young. Yes, age is just a number, but I mean he’s twenty years of age, and was talking about marriage? He’s literally a year older than me!!

I really feel Wes’ age can be seen in parts of the series, and he shows his maturity, or lack thereof also. Himself and Laura were great while they lasted but the age difference showed at the end, in the sense that they had different goals for the stages of their lives that they were at.

Obviously, their ‘break-up’ could’ve gone a lot better than the way it did. Megan broke every single rule of girl-code there ever was. And she wonders why she’s never really had any real “girl-friends”? I wonder why. I understand the concept of the game, but a heads up to Laura would have been way bigger than her asking Wes for a kiss when he was still “coupled up”, followed by her so clearly sharing a bed with him that evening. Tasteful.

I have a strong dislike for Megan, and I really hope she is voted off soon. She’s not a good person, and I find her very cocky. She’s fab, don’t get me wrong, but she has a shit personality to go with it, so that’s a loss for me.

I’m not overly keen on Wes and Megan, and their relationship, but alas.

I had never thought much of Laura but the ultimatum she gave Wes made me feel total girl power. Why should she wait for him to make a decision?

It took me awhile to like Laura, and then she formed a bond with Georgia and Dani. Now- again, I’m unsure. For 29 years old, she doesn’t act as mature as she should be at times. I understand she would obviously feel threatened with Georgia taking Jack on a date, but before the dates she was really bad, and at the end of the day it is the aim of the game. I’m really bothered she called Dani a dick too.. just saying. I don’t exactly think herself and Jack will work out either.

Dr. Alex has really not come up trumps in the villa. But is his luck changing with Grace? I’m cynical in that we’ve thought this with Megan, and then Ellie, but I guess there is still hope.

Alex and Ellie’s coupling was short, and it was sweet pre-recoupling. Alex was the perfect gentleman to Ellie, and I don’t know what happened after the recoupling. Was she using Alex for some extra time?

Alex was beginning to bore me a little, and I was beginning to wonder if his time had come to an end in the villa, but this evening he’s back in my good books after calling Ellie out for the way she spoke to Georgia.

Ellie has really shocked me- and disappointed me this evening, after calling Georgia an “ugly” c-word. I think it was really inappropriate, and I agree things happen in the heat of the moment, but she hasn’t even apologized. She doesn’t have to be friends with Gee after, but an apology, and to admit she was bang out of order. Like what Laura did when she called Megan a slag.

After this evening’s episode I don’t know are Ellie and Charlie truly 100% compatible. He seemed irritated by her behavior, and even though he is young himself, he is quite mature and knows she was wrong. When he spoke to her about it, she wasn’t having much of it, and basically left the conversation. I don’t think he’ll take much of that, really.

I’m unsure of Samira as a person. I feel she would be the type of gal that would be friends with everyone- and I mean every single person, but not the type of all-around gal, the type that would just be stuck in everything and going with everyone. One second she was encouraging Megan to go for it with Wes, the second she was comforting Laura and saying how she hadn’t seen it coming. Sorry hun, you totally did. Last night at the recoupling where Georgia and Wes had to choose, I felt she had a bit of an attitude also. I guess she’s become close to Megan and was worried, but still.

Georgia Steele has been a process in growing on me but has quickly become one of my favourites (second to Dani). She is everything in a gal you want. Both in the perspective of a partner and a best pal. She is literally the best craic ever. She’s a bit of a joker and messer but adds a bit of life to the villa. Deep down she really is a sweetheart though. She didn’t leave Rosie sleep outside alone, and she was the first woman to follow Laura after her breakup with Wes.

Of course, she hasn’t handled the Jack and Laura situation well at all, and I really think she should have not kissed Jack, or at least not lied and made an attempt to fix it with her pal instead.

She was incredibly strong at the recoupling when she was dropped for new girl Kaz, by Josh, and has come back better, but the kiss could have been avoided!

I think Sam has been a good partner for her so far, he was very comforting when everything with the whole villa went on, and that’s exactly the type of partner that you would want!

When talks came about of Casa Amor again I had mixed emotions! A few contestants still hadn’t found what they came into the villa for, but others had, and I really didn’t want this to be messed up for those!

At first, I was vvvv cynical about all the new girls! Especially Ellie who I was convinced was going to eff everything up for Dani! (Jacks an absolute gem though so even if she wanted to!). I think I was immediately drawn to Kaz. She’s so naturally beautiful. It really sucks that Josh has found the same attraction, and hurt Gee for her, though!

Other than that, I didn’t take to the girls really. I was a little territorial I guess. I’m happy that Ellie has steered away from Jack on a relationship level!

Last but not least are my favourite Love Island couple ever. Ahead of Kem & Amber, and even ahead of Alex & Olivia. Jack & Dani.

They make my heart melt every night without fail.

I am a HUGE Danny Dyer fan. If I could meet anyone in the whole world it would be him (or AJ). I’m genuinely unnaturally obsessed with him, and so I was obviously very intrigued to learn his daughter, Dani was going to be in the show.

I was just as obsessed with Dani from the get go. I want to be her because she would be the bestest friend a girl could have. She is the sweetest thing ever, and she is basically the female version of her father.

She coupled with Jack from day one, and week in, week out the two have been winning the hearts of everyone. They are my WINNERS, and if they don’t win I really think I would jab a high chance of boycotting Love Island full stop.

Casa Amor had me so on edge. Especially as the rumours of Jacks ex coming in became true, but Jack didn’t leave us down and stayed the true angel he really is.

The way he spoke of missing Dani had me melting, and I think we all teared up just a little bit when he took the outside swinging bed for the night instead of sharing a bed with any girls. He literally has eyes for Dani, and Dani only, and not even an old flame has changed that in the slightest bit.

I want eternal happiness for these two, and I have every belief that they will win Love Island 2018, undoubtedly!




  1. Quite an in-depth commentary on this program. If I was inclined to watch those type of programs, I’d definitely be inspired to switch it on based on your post Chloe.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Lmaooo it’s actually a joke how much I’m obsessed with this show lol! My fave girls are Dani, Samira, Georgia and Kaz, and boys – Dr Alex, Josh, Wes, Jack and Adam was pretty entertaining too. I don’t know who I want to win to be honest – Jack and Dani are too predictable! I think Kaz and Josh are the most genuine couple.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loool this show sounds so saucy. 😂 like my goodness…I’ve seen quite the buzz of this show on my TL since most of my Twitter friends are from the UK but I’ve never watched it. I may have to change that over the weekend if I get some free time 😩💕

    xx Lena |

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  4. I started watching it for the first time this year and I’m completely obsessed! I’m really not a fan of Georgia at all and I feel like her and Sam’s relationship is just totally fake. However, I definitely agree with you in saying that my opinions on everyone change every episode so I might end up loving her again soon haha xx

    Faye |

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