Indiependance ‘Indie’ 2018 Outfit Diary

I haven’t done an outfit post in a while now, so naturally, I’m seizing the opportunity to turn going to Indiependance into a(nother) blog post! I’m not the biggest fashionista in the world- I don’t rate my style a lot of the time, but when it came to my Indie outfits, I planned so far in advance and had everything visualized well in advance (which saved a lot of time, stress and hassle!).

Last year, one thing I didn’t do was take proper outfit photos! I think it was a mix of being too busy, and still a little camera shy, but this year I made sure to be that girl that needed a little photoshoot for every outfit!



I picked this black floaty skirt with floral detailing up in H&M last Summer- it was only €10! I really wanted to wear it to last year’s Indiependance but I think I was too scared to wear something so long and floaty in case it would get destroyed!

I bit the bullet this year and teamed it up with a crop top I picked up in Penneys last year for about €4. The crop tops is a cotton material. I wore my trust grey wellies from Dunnes (€9), and the bumbag I picked up last year from Dealz for €1.50!

The outfit was so comfy, and the weather was roasting but the skirt was very floaty and Summery so wasn’t too hot!

I did my usual face makeup and decided to play on the blue in the skirt for a smokey eye, and some blue eyeliner also!



For my Saturday outfit, I let my top do the talking and kept it simple with plain black shorts. This off the shoulder scrunched detailed leopard print top is new in Penneys at the moment. I bought it the other week for €6, and there is also plain block colours available too!

I don’t remember where the shorts came from, but they are just a regular pair of black shorts, I can almost promise they won’t be that hard to find similar ones of. On a last minute decision I thought I’d throw on the fish-net tights. I think they were €1.50 for a pair in Penneys!



For the last day of the festival, I decided to go out with a colourful bang! Bright pink being the colour in question! These short shorts are from Boohoo from about 4 years ago, I don’t believe they are still available, as I looked before, unfortunately!

The material is a cotton-type material, and the shorts are white with splashes of yellow, blue and pink. You could match these shorts with a white top, pink top, blue top or even a yellow top, but for the purpose of Sunday’s outfit, I decided to play on the pink in the shorts and matched my shorts with this cute pink crop top.

This pink, frilled detailing crop top is also a Penneys crop top, and I believe I picked it up before Christmas. It was reduced to only €3!

Of course, I had my trusty wellies and bumbag at hand, and I also wore a colourful flower garland and a pair of yellow sunglasses! For the evening I threw on a floaty cardigan from Penneys, I’m not sure how much it was because it was a gift!


What is your ultimate festival outfit must-haves? There was so much sequins in particular, along with glitter and sparkles galore!



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