Irish Travel Bucket List

Last Summer, I did my Travel Bucket List. Unfortunately, I haven’t knocked off anything from the list as of yet, but nothing has changed, and the places I named are still high on my travel bucket list! This year, I’ve looked a little closer to home. I signed up for the UL Buddy Programme and was partnered with two German girls. One of which, I became very friendly with. Every week we met for coffee before class and she would tell me of her latest touristy travels across the country.

Week in, week out I said, “No, I actually haven’t been there,” about yet another famous Irish landmark, and I really want to change that and visit more places around Ireland. Both on a touristy level and otherwise!



29342410_1983107835052075_508287831630675968_oEver since I read about Eimear’s trip to the Galway International Arts Festival I’ve been absolutely mad to go on my own weekend away to Galway. There’s so much to see in Galway, from the Aran Islands to the Cliffs of Moher, or how about just spend the days in the beautiful city? Galway strikes me as a very culture driven city, and it’s clear with their festivals. I know every city does festivals, but the festivals in Galway are very high up on my bucket list. Fortunately, I was able to visit Galway briefly on a work trip with I Love Limerick, and my theories of the beauty of the city was proved true. In the half hour or so I spent around for my lunch I was amazed with the buskers and can guarantee I will be returning, hopefully sooner than later!



DublinOkay, so I’ve been to Dublin more times than I can count at this stage on boxing adventures because the National Stadium is evidently in Dublin! In fairness, I’ve actually seen a fair bit! I’ve been to Stephen’s Green, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Grafton Street, and Temple Bar (which was my favourite!). I’ve never exactly let loose, however. All these times have been merely passing away the time before I fight that evening or whatever. I want to be a proper tourist and shop until I drop in the big capital, or spend my evening in Temple Bar with a few drinks. You get the idea! I really like Dublin, though I could never see myself living there, I do enjoy spending time up there and would love a ‘staycation’ up there, and just chill out and explore!



I have no real explanation as to why I want to go to Belfast, other than I have never been to the North of Ireland, and if I was to get the opportunity I’d probably veer towards Belfast if I was going to go! There’s so much to do over a day or a break to Belfast! From the Titanic Experience to the Giant’s Causeway!

Also, the Botanic Gardens are so beautiful, how amazing would some blogger-shots be in the gardens?

The Botanic Gardens, Belfast. Photo Credit: Visit Belfast.



Kilkenny Castle. Photo Credit:

The nightlife in Kilkenny is said to be great, so I’d love an opportunity to have a staycation in Kilkenny at my nearest opportunity. Not only that, I feel like Kilkenny is such a culture rich county, and I would love to spend my day exploring the magnificent Kilkenny Castle!


West Cork

I wouldn’t have to travel too far for this staycation, but the West of Cork has always come across to me as the prettier, more touristy side of Cork. That’s fine. I’m proud of where I’m from, and I love my hometown and all the rest, but one of my first staycations will definitely have to be in the West of Cork, either Clonakilty or Kenmare.


It’s only recently I’m realizing the true beauty of Ireland, and we’re enjoying some of the best weather we’ve had in years, so it’s the perfect opportunity for a weekend staycation!


Where is your favourite spot in Ireland? Where would you love to visit?



  1. After hearing how beautiful Ireland is from so many Irish travellers, Ireland is definitely top on my travel list! I’d love to visit Dublin and Galway, and my friends living in Wicklow (which I heard is pretty close to Dublin!).

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  2. I’ve only ever been to Cork in Ireland and it was super lovely! My nan grew up in Wicklow and my mum went to visit there after she passed away. There are many places I would love to visit as it sounds like such a beautiful place and I have half Irish blood in me! Can’t say I drink like an Irish person though, I’m the letdown of the family, haha!
    Alice Xx

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  3. Ireland is one of the places I want to visit soooo bad! My hubby and I are planning on visiting next year! I can’t wait! All these places sound epic! Hopeful you can knock some off your bucket list soon!

    Stef |

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