Playlist Shuffle

I go through different phases with music. I love Spotify. I get to save all my favourite songs, make playlists and listen to them all as much as I want. I can listen to all the old songs, and be nostalgic for a while, or learn some new songs with the charts and the ‘discover’ feature Spotify updates weekly.

It’s so handy to have literal albums at the tip of my finger, and I’ve listened to so many albums recently, as I’m going through a phase of learning loads of new songs, and listening to all the latest releases.

I love listening through my saved songs. I decided to put my saved songs on shuffle and see what songs came up on the way.


Mr. Brightside – The Killers

Every good night out includes this song being played! This was played at my Debs, and the 80s v 90s at Indie only 3 weeks ago. Again, I’m not a massive fan of The Killers, but this song would definitely be one of my all time favourites. But can anyone really say they don’t like this song? It’s a song that I truly believe gets the crowd going at a party/disco etc, and everyone is well able to sing along so I can’t be the only one thinking it’s an amazing song?


Mamma Mia – ABBA

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again cast!

Who doesn’t love a bit of ABBA? I think if you look at my saved songs Mamma Mia will probably be there from ABBA, as well as the two movie versions! I love throwing on a bit of ABBA while I’m pottering around or just chilling. Such feel-good music, and the perfect sing-along songs!



Mighty River – KAWALA

love this song so much! I’m not exactly sure why. I like the sound of the voices from KAWALA. This song is actually one of the many treasures I found in the ‘discover’ section, with many thanks to Spotify, as I probably wouldn’t have heard of it otherwise! I think I featured this in a playlist post before, but if you haven’t heard this yet, I would definitely recommend giving it a listen.


Beautiful Girls – Sean Kingston

Sean Kingson, Beautiful Girls, UL, ULSU, University of Limerick
Photo: UL Photo Soc

This is such an old nostalgic song. I remember being absolutely obsessed with Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston when ‘Eenie Meanie’ came out. Then again, there wasn’t many that weren’t! Last October I saw Sean Kingston in UL, as he headlined a Hallowe’en concert Ents decided to put on. He was kinda disappointing, but it was still pretty funny and cool to see him live, as to be honest I had kinda forgotten about him.


I Think We’re Alone Now – Tiffany

Another classic oldie. My first memory with this song is on a holiday in Wales years and years ago. I’m talking, like 8+ years ago, and it was played, and all my cousins were around. I think Tiffany was probably before my time, unfortunately, but I’m so fond of this song, because of the memory attached to it!


XO – Beyoncé

A slower song, but one of my favourites from Beyoncé. I love everything about this song from the video to the music and everything in between. I love Beyoncé’s look in the video. I remember seeing Beyoncé singing this live when it first came out, and really that sealed the deal for me on the song, as her delivery of it live was actually better!



What songs are on your Spotify saved list? Do you like to mix it up like me?






  1. I have an affinity for 80s music and that I Think We’re Alone Now song is one that I literally listen to all the time. Such a throwback and –in the spirit of throwback– Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls was such a hit when I was in high school.

    Great post! x


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I found something new for myself, thanks! 🙂
    I actually prefer apple music to Spotify, it’s such a pity when some celebrities post their playlists and I can’t listen to them hahah


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