August Reflection

The end of another month leads to another end of month reflection! I’ve been loving doing these this year. It’s been a great little side project for my blog, and I love being able to reflect on the month just gone month in, month out!

I believe August is the height of the Summer. Does anyone else think this? I’m not sure what it is about it!

I started August off, with a great start with the Indiependance 2018 Music & Arts Festival. Last year, I said I was definitely going this year, but then I had decided otherwise. As the festival came closer I started rethinking my decision, then a friend of mine asked me to go. I was humming and haahing so much, but decided to just bite the bullet, buy the ticket and just go for it!

And, looking back the only regret I have is missing The Blizzards. It was amazing. Sigala were the act to see (for me, anyway) on the Friday, and for the hour and a half they were on I didn’t stop dancing. They were simply amazing, and there is nothing else to say about it! I saw a tiny bit of Walking on Cars. A lot of people were mad to see them, but I didn’t think they were as good as people were hyping them up to be..


Everything Everything were a band I begun listening to in the run up to the festival, and they didn’t disappoint when they performed Sunday. The 80s v 90s was definitely a huge highlight! I’d known from last year that it was the place to go, so swore blind I was going there at least once, and going by Sundays show I’m a tad disappointed I didn’t go to it the Friday and Saturday also!

Indie 2018 was amazing, and I’m actually delighted I bit the bullet and just bought the ticket because it was the funniest and best weekend. I literally don’t think I stopped laughing and smiling over the whole weekend, and the weather was an absolute belter for the whole three days, we were very lucky!

I have finally gotten places with my accommodation for my semester studying in Prague. It was really getting to be a stressful ordeal as a lot of the places Eimear and I had been looking at were booked up. We got rooms in a lovely apartment not too far from the University, where we’ll be studying! It’s not available for the first week so we booked an Air BnB for the week we’re in Prague without the apartment! Eimear has since reconsidered her decision to study abroad for the semester. It’s very daunting to realize that it’s just over a month and I’m moving out of the country, for 3 months, but I know it’s going to be a massive and amazing experience, and I’m truly excited!

I’ve only been able to really start looking at the other side of things over the last week. I couldn’t concentrate until I had a place I knew I could move into, and I’m so happy we’ve that sorted! There are so many small things to consider such as is it best to use my Irish phone number or get a Czech sim card, and things such as being careful with money exchange rates.

I have started looking at some inter-country trips- Krakow and Auschwitz seem like a certain as it stands, so that is such an exciting plan! It’s coming up so fast, I’m a mix of nerves and excitement at the moment!

Credit: Irish Examiner

I went through a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out) when Limerick won the All Ireland Hurling Championship the other week. I’m not hugely into GAA. I do wish I took it up when I was a little younger or even when I started UL, but boxing would probably take over, anyway. I do enjoy the championships though. When I say ‘championships’ I mean the semi-final or final stages. When Cork and Limerick met I was obviously shouting for Cork, but the following week, when Limerick advanced I did want them to take it from Galway. I think anyone would, given the history- they hadn’t won it in 45 odd years??

Dad was laughing at me as I was getting more and more into the match, as it progressed. Limerick looked mental. Limerick was mental, and I really wish they could’ve had it a few weeks ago when I was there haha!

Boxing training began back after the Summer holidays last Monday, so it’s been great to get a little more active again. I’ve started cleaning out my diet, and cutting out bad snacks too. Realistically, I probably won’t even have a spar outside the club, not to mind a competition before I leave for Prague, so I really am training and clean- eating for my own benefit, and I’m feeling great about it. I’m not going on a strict diet, just cutting out chocolate and toning up a little bit again!

I also started Blogmas planning. I wasn’t actually going to do it this year, but I saw some fellow bloggers on Twitter tweeting about how they were starting, so I subconsciously began making a list and now here I am.

I’m really excited for the next few months with Prague and then coming home for Christmas. It’s crazy to think we’re going into September, and before we know it we’ll be ringing in the new year..


How has your August been? What are your goals for September?



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