3rd Year College Goals

It still hasn’t completely sunk in that I’m going into my third year of college. I’m not sure when I even think it will settle in either if I’m honest! College is flying for me, and I think it goes so quickly because the semesters are so short- 12-14 weeks and then you’re finished until the next semester! Christmas break is over a month long, and Summer is a different story again!

For the first half of my third year, I will be studying in the Metropolitan University Prague in the Czech Republic. The semester in Prague doesn’t begin until October, so I’ve still a bit of time before my third year officially starts. I’m a bundle of excitement and nerves at the moment. I’m really excited to see a different way of life, and make loads of new memories, and friends, and learn about different cultures!

When I come back to Ireland I will be going into the second half of my third year and will be making my long-awaited return to Limerick and UL after a whole year of being off-campus from placement and Erasmus.

As the semesters (and year) are so short and go by so quickly I feel it is so important to set myself goals, so I don’t lose myself for the first month or so of the semester!



Beautiful Prague! 

I think once I’ve stepped foot on the plane to the Czech Republic one could consider this achieved, but I really want to do further traveling once I’m actually living in Prague! I have read so many student reports, and most of them speak of the many opportunities to travel they got whilst in Prague.

Prague is very central to a lot of big European cities, and it sounds from the reports like it’s just the case of hopping on a bus in some situations! Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to visit Amsterdam and Krakow, but really any bit of traveling will be pretty cool, I think!


Meet New People

I’d like to consider myself a people person. I love meeting new people and chatting about everything and anything. I like to get myself involved in new situations to open up opportunities to meet new people. Moving to Prague for the semester will hopefully surely open up tonnes of opportunities to meet new people.

Last year I made a great friend when I signed up to be a UL Buddy for incoming Erasmus students, and I’m hoping when I get assigned my MUP Buddy the response will be similar. It’ll be great to meet people of different cultures while in Prague, and I’m excited to open my mind further into different foods, cultures, and ways also.


Become Better Organised

28418308_1956528731043319_1616882070_oOkay so, realistically speaking this one will probably always be on all my goals lists. I’m making good headway, don’t get me wrong, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

I’m on the way to learning how to balance everything, from college to my blog and then my personal life. I’m getting there, slowly but surely as over the Summer I have been planning my blog quite regularly, so hopefully, I can bring that into my 3rd year of college, and continue.


Become a Peer Tutor

rwc_logo2I’ve wanted to become a Peer Tutor at the Regional Writing Centre in UL for a good while now, and I’m really hoping the Autumn Semester of my third year will be when I get the chance to go for it!

To become a Peer Tutor, there is an extra module in the Autumn semester that I’ll have to do! Unfortunately, for last semester, which would have been the Autumn semester, I would have been off-campus on my placement so was unable to apply to do the extra module, but I intend on taking it on when I return to Limerick.

All going well I’ll pass the module and get the grade I need, and I’ll be able to apply to the RWC in 4th year!


What are your main goals for your college year? 




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