Lusso Tan Review

Lusso is an organic and vegan brand curated by 3 Belfast sisters, Lynsey, Leah, and Sarah, of the Secret Day Spa, Belmont Road, Belfast. Though I haven’t had the pleasure to visit the spa, I’ve heard great things from fellow bloggers, so if you are in the locality and looking for a spa day or afternoon, be sure to check them out.

I reached out to Lusso via Twitter when I saw they had a #bloggeropportunity to review their new tan and mitt, and within days received the package, in the most lovely, simple gold wrapping, along with a lovely letter.

Unfortunately, the bottle did burst at the top, and some tan seeped out, but a quick DIY job with a little bit of tape fixed this little burst! Errors like this can’t be faulted, in my opinion, and it is by no means a representation of the brand.

I’m not a tanning expert, and I’m not great at the whole application process. I do love being tanned and all that, but I’m just not a pro at the whole tanning craic. I always say that I’m going to really go for it, and tan the night before, and take my time etc etc. But I rarely actually get the time to do this, so end up throwing it on just before I’m heading out.

41752335_539265459852174_5241538419720454144_nI’ve tried and tested the Lusso Tan in Shade Dark for a few months now. The tan is a lotion, and as it isn’t perfumed, I get a small fake tan smell from it (which doesn’t particularly bother me). The lotion tends to come out quickly, so the saying less is more can really be applied here, as it may just be hard to manage lots at a time.

The gals at Lusso Tan have created a 3-step tanning process. The first step is the preparation with their Tan Primer, followed by the main event the tanning, and then finished off with their Boost to add the finishing touches. For this post, I am reviewing the tan in Shade Dark.

At first, applying the tan like any other (putting it on with no real prep), I felt there wasn’t much of a show of the tan. I didn’t think it came out very well, which was really disappointing.

The second time I got on way better. The back of the bottle says, “Smooth TAN onto cleansed skin with long strokes upward from your ankle, blending evenly…”. So I followed these instructions and worked up from my ankle instead of in circular motions. The application and blending of the tan went really well once I had figured out that it had to be blended upwards.

Just by this small change in the application of the tan, the difference from the first time was immediately shown. The Lusso Tan isn’t a gradual tan so you can see what your putting on straight away, and don’t need to wait for it to develop, which is the types of tan I love.

For my applications of the Lusso Tan, I used the very luxurious ‘Flawless Tanning Mitt’ which I was also kindly gifted by the lovely ladies at Lusso Tan. I’ve never actually used a luxury tanning mitt, so was just as excited to use this as the tan itself. The mitt is so soft and velvety, so I was expecting great things! And I was certainly not disappointed. As I’ve said, less of the lotion is certainly more during the application, but the mitt really made the application all the easier, and it was lovely and soft against my skin.


I think something really unique about the Lusso Tan franchise is that the creators are all spa experts, and so you can guarantee you’re getting the best of skincare with your tan. As I’ve previously mentioned, the products used to make the tan are all of organic nature, and also provide lots of hydration on your skin.

Lusso Tan
The day after application of tan.

The back of the bottle says, “Apply the warmth of a Mediterranean Sumer to your skin…” and I think this is the perfect blurb for the tan, as it really does just add a lovely warm tone to your skin, which is great if your living in Ireland like me!

Personally, for me, the wearing of the tan isn’t bad at all! Just the usual tip of proper exfoliating and moisturizing it to prolong the wear! It wears off in a nice and natural way after showers.

Lusso has their own online shop where you can buy all their products. The lotion that I used for the purpose of this review retails at about £19.50 with a delivery to the ROI priced at £6.95, which would convert to just under €30. The luxurious mitt is worth £7 (€7.86). €30 may be a little pricey, but I actually have really found that the 200ml bottle has lasted me quite a long time! I’ve got several uses out of it, whilst testing it out, and I have another 2 or 3 uses left of it still!


Have you tried this tan or any of the products from the Lusso Tan brand?


*This is a sponsored post with Lusso Tan, however, all opinions and views are my own*






  1. I’m not generally a tanning kinda girl but this looks really cool! I wouldn’t have the patience or time to wear one that develops so the fact you can see the effects of this straight away is really helpful. It’s a shame the bottle burst but great that you could still get plenty of use out of it and that it was a success! Bronzed legs are always a winner!
    Alice Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I can’t STAND developing tans, what’s the story there like? The bottle bursting was solved with a little tape, didn’t think I’d have been able to resurrect it as much as I did! Thanks for stopping! x


  2. I’ve used tanning products a few times but never been successful! End up looking like a orange most times! This product however I’m really impressed with, your before and after photo really cool! It really does leave a nice healthy warm tan! Great post!

    Finlay grace x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. these seems like a great product! I’ve never actually used a self tanner because i’m too afraid of them, since i’m naturally so pale i think it’ll turn out super noticeable that i tanned! that being said from your before and after picture it doesn’t look like it would be overly noticeable which is great! lovely review! xx

    mich //

    Liked by 1 person

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