Prague Bucket List

I don’t think I can really comprehend that I’m leaving for Prague in under 2 weeks! When the process started it felt like it was so long away. It was such an exciting prospect, but it quickly started becoming reality, when the acceptance email came in, and then we had to secure accommodation (which was the hardest thing ever!) and then it was Summer.

I was so jealous last month when everyone was returning to college, and some of my course were already heading off on their Erasmus travels, and knowing I still had a month of ‘Summer’ left before it was the start of my Erasmus journey. To be honest, the month kinda daunted me, because though I’ve been pretty excited about Prague, I was worried the month would drag and end up making the whole experience daunting!

Prague, Czech Republic, Dancing House, Charles Bridge

The day is approaching fast and quick, and I’m really excited but really nervous. Obviously, from the get-go, I was hot onto Google and Pinterest and pretty much everywhere that could inspire us for all things Prague, and quickly accumulated a Bucket List to accomplish on my Erasmus.

UL students going on Erasmus this semester got invited to an app for UL students called CampusConnect, the app has a little pocket handbook of everything you need to know about Erasmus. One huge thing they were recommending to combat homesickness was to create a bucket list to do!

Prague is said to be a beautiful city, it’s meant to be super cheap to live in, and is said to be famous for its beer! Hopefully, some traveling will be done also, as it’s a very central city in Europe! Here’s a look at all I want to tick off my list during my stay in Prague!!


Learn some (basic) Czech phrases

Visit the Dancing House

Visit Golden Lane

Try different Czech dishes (Tredlnik, Goulash)

See the guards change at Prague Castle

Visit the John Lennon Wall and Kampa Island

Cross Charles Bridge

Visit the Christmas Markets!

Visit at least one of the 280 museums

See the 2nd ugliest building in the world

Taste mulled wine, and taste the different Czech beers

Have dinner at Rocky O’Reilly’s

Go to the Tiki Taky Cocktail Bar

Go to Klub Karlovy Lazne

Go to a Beer Garden


Make loads of new memories & friends!

Prague, Travel,

I’m so excited to be heading off to Prague. It’s definitely scary to think I’m going to be living in a different country for 3 months, but I’m so excited for the experience as well as all the new opportunities that I’m sure will follow, as well as all the memories I know I’m bound to make on my journey!

I’m also really excited to show Prague off on my blog and show you on my blog as well as on Twitter and Instagram me completing my bucket list! I wonder how long it will take me to achieve everything? I have so many ideas for content ideas whilst I embark on this massive journey, and I can’t wait to bring my blog, and my social media on the journey with me!


Have you been to Prague before? If so, what are your recommendations to do in Prague while I’m there? If not, what is something you’d love to do if you ever got the chance to visit Prague?



  1. Hey I used to live in Prague you’ll honestly love it like it’s so good. One my best experiences living there. The language is so difficult so don’t worry if u don’t get it straight away. You’ll see so many wonderful things. I recommend Pruhonice Park and Grosetto on a boat on the river

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    • Ah thank you so much! Those 2 recommendations are ones I haven’t heard of but I’ll be sure to check them out! I highly doubt I’ll come home fluent in Czech but I would love to learn some staple phrases!


  2. I hope you have a lovely trip! Prague was never somewhere I wanted to visit but after reading a few blog posts about it it’s definitely going on my bucket list as it looks beautiful! Abbie from ‘abbiejadewanders’ has recently posted a Prague post which might be super helpful for you if you haven’t already seen it so here’s the link:

    Jess //

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  3. […] I have a lot of the fun stuff sorted like? I’ve been talking to fellow students this month and been organizing all the fabulous things I wanna do while I’m over there (one is visiting Poland, woohoo!!). And, above all else, Eimear found a fab cocktail bar, so you can bet we’ll be touching down there before her week with me is out! Check out more of the fun things I wanna do in my Prague Bucket List! […]

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  4. May I suggest another town to add on your bucket list? Cesky Krumlov. It is the most magical, fairytale-like town I have ever been to. Check it out and visit, I am sure you won’t regret it. It can be a lovely day trip or weekend getaway if you combine it with Ceske Budejovice.

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