September Reflection

For a month that I haven’t really done much, it’s still been a pretty good month nonetheless. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been kinda like a separator between my Summer, and moving to Prague. I can’t exactly class it as Summer still, can I?

I mean everyone has been whipping out the Autumnal vibes, and I’m still sat in my little corner celebrating Summer. I have been for the most part of September, anyway! The last few days have been a little colder, and we’ve started lighting fires in the evenings.

The start of the month was relatively tough with Freshers Week, and everyone moving back to their college homes and whatnot. Freshers Week was a tough one, and I really didn’t think I’d get through the week or get over my FOMO, but I’ve lived to tell the tale.

It made me really reminisce about UL, I know I’m not gone yet (thank god!) but I really feel like I’ve missed the campus, this month in particular. Not that I’m wishing Prague away but I’m really excited to be returning to UL, and Limerick in January. I dare say the experiences in Prague will definitely shape me, and set me up for a great second semester!


I did go down to one of my besties the Wednesday of Limerick Freshers Week and went out with her and her housemates. It was a great night, but I think it was probably enough for one year, lol!

A lot of this month has been preparing/ waiting for Prague. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m ‘all set’ but to be honest I don’t know? All jokes aside, I have my accommodation and flight all sorted, I’m actually not joking when I say I don’t know what else I need to sort, apart from packing my life away. Seriously, if there is something you think is important for a student moving away for 3 months, please leave me a comment telling me.


I have a lot of the fun stuff sorted like? I’ve been talking to fellow students this month and been organizing all the fabulous things I wanna do while I’m over there (one is visiting Poland, woohoo!!). And, above all else, Eimear found a fab cocktail bar, so you can bet we’ll be touching down there before her week with me is out! Check out more of the fun things I wanna do in my Prague Bucket List!

I’ve really enjoyed blogging this month, in particular! I’ve dedicated a lot of time to it, and I’m really excited for the next few months. I collaborated with the fabulous Lusso Tan, reached 300 blog follows (thank you, everyone!), and I secured a lil’ collab with the absolutely amazing Lauren Bate at Diary of a Spanglish Girl, for the end of next month, which I’m so excited about. Lauren is one of my favorite bloggers and is a blogger that I look up to, so I’m really excited about our collab at the end of the month!

As some of you may remember, I was delighted to become the News Editor of about a year ago. Campus is a student news website, that has been amazing in helping me build my portfolio, and enhancing my writing skills, and it was always a goal to become an editor there. I was so happy to become News Editor last November.

Unfortunately, I think I had to accept that I wouldn’t be able to continue my role as News Editor once my Erasmus started. I thought so hard, but figured I could continue to contribute when I had the time and wanted to but didn’t want to do the website bad by being a flaky editor.

42168892_330338940875536_1805091475092930560_nI got a little baking done this month, I hadn’t baked in ages, but was inspired by one of my cousins to bake an apple tart the other week, and again on Friday! I way improved from those two times alone! I was delighted with how it turned out for a first attempt, I even did the pastry from scratch, which probably isn’t the biggest deal but again, a first time so I was happy out!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts before, I really want to go into the judging and coaching side of boxing, and finally got my opportunity this month, when I got to do a judging course that came up for those around the Munster area! Over the last week, there was a full day seminar last Sunday. Wednesday we had the written exam and yesterday was the practical at the Celtic Box Cup. I’ve entered the Celtic Box Cup the previous two years, but this year thought I would already be in Prague, and when it dawned on me it was too late (sad face), so it was kinda strange to be on the other side this year. I’m confident enough I passed, but haven’t received official word yet! It’s so disappointing that boxing has taken a small back step over college and Prague, but I’m excited to be able to judge when I come back, as well as compete in contests and tournaments that I missed out in this year next years, such as the Celtic Box Cup, and Esker which is on in 2 weeks.

I finished my month off with a lot more Prague preparation, I ordered money, and went on the shopping spree that is only compulsory to go on when your off somewhere. All jokes aside I actually needed loads- these things have to be done!

October is going to be a huge month for me, as I’m leaving for Prague this day next week, which is a massive move for me! I’m so excited, but I’m also extremely nervous! I hope I can get myself organised (and settled in) from the start so that besides a week or so, my blog won’t be that much affected. I really want to bring my blog on this trip, and I’ve already so many Prague- inspired ideas!


How was your September? What are your October goals?




  1. I’m so impressed that you were News editor of your student website, that’s awesome, I was lifestyle editor of the Strathclyde Telegraph (our uni newspaper) last year and it was an incredible experience!

    Love reflection posts like this! Here’s to October!!

    Charlene McElhinney

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  2. You are moving to Prague!? That is so amazing. I love this city, it is just stunning. I was there last December and I loved every minute and every step there. With so many beautiful towns in Czech Republic I am sure you will have a wonderful time there.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Chloe! Sounds like you had a great September 🧡 you were in Prague for the whole summer? I’ve always wanted to go to Prague! I hope you’ll get by on that huge move. I love this post! Looking forward to reading all the amazing stuff about Prague!

    Mary //

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  4. Hi Chloe, Its so great to see fellow Irish blogger in the blogosphere. Prague sounds so exciting!! Im sure you will love it and think of all the stories you will have when you come back. My sister has been there and loved it. I hope to visit some day! Can’t wait to read some of your prague blog posts! x

    Linda ||

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