Prague Packing

I’ve found it extremely difficult to condense my packing down for University to be traveling to another country friendly! I am a severe over-packer, and so it’s been tough trying to condense everything down multiple times. I actually have to pack less than what I’d pack if I was going to Limerick. I’m getting there though, slowly.

I am bringing one checked in bag, along with a cabin bag and my back-pack for my laptop, so I have to fit everything into these 3 bags. What do you really pack when you’re leaving the country for a whole three months? I really was dreading the whole packing process. As I’ve said, I’m an over-packer anyway so you can imagine the stress when I only have one suitcase, and a cabin bag.

This is pretty much why I started packing Monday, with still a week to go, and didn’t decide to leave it until Saturday with just the evening. I think I’m pretty much there too, fortunately enough. I’ve packed a lot of versatile pieces of clothing. I read in the student reports that I was given from UL that the dress wear for going out in Prague was quite casual, so that made things a bit easier for me to start with. It’s also quite cold too, so that ensured there was no need for shorts and tank tops (lol).


Everyone says that rolling your clothes up makes more room, but I didn’t feel this worked with some of my bulkier clothes, such as jeans, so the way I packed was I folded them and put them at the bottom, and then filled in with my tops rolled up everywhere, complete with my makeup bag, and skincare. Something I read the other week was to pack things that you can leave over there so that there will be space in your bags when you come back.

Obviously, I’m going to buy stuff over there, from souvenirs to Christmas presents (not coming back until 2 days before Christmas and all that), so I’ve brought things such as moisturizer and skincare bits and pieces that I know I won’t be bringing back, and can just restock when I come home. That way, I’ll have a tiny bit extra space for anything new I get on the journey.

The bag I am checking in is this navy-blue with red hearts suitcase from The Hearts Collection by Sovereign, which I picked up in Sports Direct for a reduced price of €18 (a massive bargain, in my opinion!). The suitcase is the middle size in the range a medium case at 24″, and has all my clothes and makeup/ skincare. My jeans are at the very bottom, and as I mentioned they are folded instead of rolled up, as I genuinely feel that gave me a little bit extra room. I rolled my tops up, I found rolling two or three at a time was also easier. I did this with my skirts and leggings also, as they were quite small so it was handier to roll them up together, and again, gave a bit extra room.

Suitcase, Packing, travel

On top of all my clothes, I have some skincare- toner, moisturizer, and exfoliator, as well as wipes, micellar water, and cotton pads. These things I probably won’t bring back, which will give me extra room for anything I get over there that I will want to bring back, which is a little hack I learned, and am hoping will work for me. You know what they always say about ‘once you open the suitcase, and unpack you will not getting everything in as easily the second time.

DSC00193The inside pocket of the case cover has some eyeshadow palettes, whilst the white and pink floral makeup bag has my smaller makeup, such as lipsticks, and eyelashes, as well as powders and concealers.

I’m quite a minimalistic person with my makeup, I have pretty much the same routine every day, so it wasn’t difficult to pack my makeup. My makeup bag is from Penneys and was a going away gift from my grandmother!

On the front pocket of the case are underwear and tights and a pair of the €2 Penneys slippers!

DSC00196My cabin bag was mainly dedicated for my shoes. I haven’t brought many, my black converse, my white Penneys “converse”, my pair of Black heels, and a pair of black boots. I’ll also pack my trainers before I go. I made enough room to throw in a couple more tops into the cabin bag, and I also can’t leave without bringing my blender and electric toothbrush. I’m also going to put my makeup brushes into this bag!

With Aer Lingus, thankfully they allow an additional bag to go under your chair, and so I’ll be bringing my purple bag pack (Sports Direct, €10) with my laptop, and chargers (as well as an adapter for Prague, and my battery packs!). I’m also packing my bum bag, a project book for classes over there. My pencil case and diary, planner and blogging book.

I’ve an envelope folder with all the paperwork I may need when I’m over there. I thought it would be better to go over prepared than stressing over trying to use the printers for important info. In the folder, I have a checklist from UL, as well as my booking information, USB stick, insurance and a couple of other documents from UL and a little notebook for any extra information to do with college etc.

The 7th of October is literally coming by so quick. It’s so scary realizing I have all my stuff packed, and I’m pretty much ready to go! I’m so excited at the same time, thankfully!

Fortunately, I actually managed to condense down everything- I just hope I’m not forgetting anything major now!


Have you ever been to Prague? Let me know in the comments!






  1. Hope you’ll have an amazing time in Prague. I don’t really travel that much but when I do, I tend to overpack too😄 well done on fitting everything that you need! Great post, Chloe!

    Mary |

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  2. I totally get you girl. It is hard to decide what to leave behind when you are leaving for 3 months. I had the same problem when I was moving to Copenhagen in 2016. Luckily I managed to fit everything in my checked in baggage and only had my laptop and some emergency stuff in hand bag and purse. It is also good if you wear pieces that take up lots of space, like coats, jackets, boots. It might seem weird but who cares. 🙂

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  3. I’m an over packer myself but I’m slowly learning to travel light 😂 it’s good to see you’ve tried to keep your packing to a minimum 😂 what a fab post I can’t wait to hear about your trip xx

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  4. Hope you have an amazing time in Prague! I love your packing! It’s similar to the way I Pack! The pictures are great, and I love your style of writing! You are doing great! 😊♥️Xxx

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