A day in the life in Prague

I’m so excited to be collaborating with the amazing Lauren from Diary of a Spanglish Girl this evening as part of her ‘A Day in the Life..’ series! I figured this would be an interesting way to start off my journey in Prague! Lauren founded this series not too long ago and has collaborated with bloggers all around the world to compare life in different parts of the world. I adore the series, and I’m so delighted to be part of it!

Don’t forget to check out how Lauren got on for her documentation day!

Document Day – Monday, October 8

My first full day in Prague! Eimear and I didn’t bother setting an alarm last night, as we figured with the traveling and early rise of yesterday we deserved to wake up whenever. I woke up twice throughout the night, I don’t really wake up during the night but I guess new surroundings and all that.

Today was documenting day! I was so excited to collaborate with Lauren for her Day in the Life series. I knew today was going to be a great day, with the boat trip we had booked and just general exploring of Prague. We rose early enough considering, before 10. We got ourselves set for a day of exploring, packed our bags- phone, purse, keys, power banks.

We found a fab place on the way into Prague 1 for breakfast, CafeDu. It was quite busy, and we were kinda lucky to get a table, fortunately. I played safe with a ham and cheese toasted sandwich and coffee. The breakfast came to the equivalent of about €4, I believe.

breakfast, CafeDu, Prague, Czech Republic
Breakfast at CafeDu, Prague 2.

We both fell in love with CafeDu, it was so relaxed, and the perfect hangout spot for a student that wants to get work done. I think I’ll definitely be returning once my classes start at MUP. 

From CafeDu we continued our way into Prague 1, with a little help from our good friend, Google Maps. It took us an age to actually get into Old Town Square as we stopped in all the shops, but that was okay too because we were under no time constraints and were exploring this new area to us.

We passed through the little market at the bottom of the main street in Prague 1 and found the cutest little jewelry stall. I picked up a cute gold-bronze ring, and can’t stop adoring over it, it wasn’t even 50 crowns either! Which would be under €2 once converted.


When we got into Old Town Square the first thing I clapped eyes on was the Astronomical Clock. It was pretty crazy to see something I had seen on the internet for so long in real life once and for all. The square was so busy. We got the standard touristy shots of us in front of the clock and proceeded further into the square.

The square is full of reps for bus tours and pub crawls, and we got talking to reps from the Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl. We decided we’d do that tomorrow evening, as we’ll get to see 2 or 3 nightclubs in one night.

We made our way to Charles Bridge, Eimear had booked tickets to go on a 45-minute boat trip on the River Vltava, so we made our way over to do it. We found the love locks near Charles Bridge accidentally and enjoyed the absolutely stunning view from there.

We go to the boat trip not far gone one, and it was amazing. Included in our ticket was a free drink so we got our first tastes of Czech beer, as well as either an ice cream or brownie. We both chose icecreams. Both the ice cream and the beer were fabulous!

The trip was accompanied with headsets and a recorded guide, which told everyone all about the history surrounding Charles Bridge, the river and many surrounding buildings.


We figured after would be a perfect time to grab a small lunch, on our way back into Old Town Square we found an Irish bar, The Irish Times, “It would be rude not to..” we confirmed, forgetting about food, sucked in by the live music that was coming from the bar. I ordered a Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime, basically blown away by the fact that it’s half the price of a Kopparberg at home.

We sat outside for a while, taking in the busy atmosphere of the surrounding area. From there we decided to take a trip to Letna Park to catch one of the apparent best views of Prague. I can now confirm that it is definitely one of the best views. You can pretty much see all of Prague from the top, it was truly breath-taking. 


View from top of Letna Park

My college orientation takes place tomorrow, and an Erasmus group chat was set up. From the group chat a pre-orientation orientation was organized for 7pm at a cafe/bar called Cafe Kampus.

It was daunting not knowing anyone, but I figured it was the perfect opportunity to meet and get to know my fellow Erasmus students. I got a coffee and got to know some people. Once I had met a few people and got names it was a lot more relaxed. It was nice to put names of people I had been interacting with via Whatsapp to a face!

Eimear and I decided to have dinner on Old Town Square. For some reason I had a caesar salad in my head all day, so decided on that for my dinner. We ordered water for the table, and I remembered to finally hydrate myself with something other than alcohol. I always forget to drink water. The meal was a little pricier than normal dinner, but we figured that was definitely due to the restaurant being on Old Town Square.

Tipping is huge in Prague, and it’s so funny because I’m not used to the exchange just yet, so panic when it comes to tipping. What’s the correct equivalent? What have I just tipped them? Did I tip enough??

Even in the evening Old Town Square was so super busy. I’m such a people- watcher, so this was perfect as we’d chosen to sit outside by the heaters, so I got to watch as everyone went about their business. This thought brought me to my collaboration with Lauren. I wondered how it was all going to play out. I was excited to see the comparisons of Spain to my new home, Prague. We watched over a very interesting structure of a car cut in half and wondered what was going on there. I figured it was the upcoming Signal Festival eventually.

An early evening was on the cards, we ordered an Uber to bring us back to our Air BnB. University started for me the next day so we relaxed in the sitting room snacking on some treats we’d bought for the house, as I organized myself for the following day ahead.


Don’t forget to check out Laurens post, you can find it here!



  1. This is such a fun series! I really love your photos, the Astronomical Clock and the love locks are so cool. Your ring is super cute and such a bargain too! The Irish Bar sounded such a fun experience and the view from the top of Letna Park is great! Thank you for sharing, great post! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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