Karlštejn Photo Diary

Something I have been planning for my blog during my stay in Prague has been photo diaries! I absolutely adore taking photos, and making memories, so what better way to combine the two than a photo diary post?

I did a photo diary last year when my sister and I got to go to Bristol with the Cork Boxing Academy, and I really enjoyed sharing all the photos I took. It’s also a great way for me to be able to look back. I have one place where I know all the best of my photos will be!

With the photo diary idea in my mind, I jumped at the opportunity to go to Karlštejn, especially when I heard about the tour of the castle- with 129 paintings!

Karlštejn Castle was founded in the 1300s by Charles IV and is located just under 20 miles southwest of Prague.

We got a train to Karlštejn and walked through the beautiful little town to the castle. It was quite a walk, but the weather was decent, and it was a good chance to see the little town of Karlštejn.


Karlštejn is such a beautiful castle and has so much history and interesting facts about it. We got a guided tour for the cost of 500czk (€20) around the whole castle. Apparently, all of the castle isn’t always open to be seen during tours, but luckily it was on Friday. The guided tour was probably a little pricey, but this was due to the guided tour being in English. Chances of a group of Erasmus students understanding Czech could be slim.

I was rather disappointed that I couldn’t take many photos inside the castle, though it’s allowed to take photos on the grounds, which are also quite beautiful.


Karlštejn is so beautiful inside and has many original photos from dating back to when it was first founded by Charles IV. My favourite room was the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The room had a lot of original pieces from when Charles had the castle, along with a few small renovations/ remakes. In the room were the most beautiful portraits of all the saints, which I believe were original, but has been preserved so well.

After Karlštejn we did a hike in the forest around the surrounding areas. It was the perfect weather for the hike.


At the bottom of the forest, we found a box by a tree with a pen and notebooks full of notes from people that had passed through the area previous to us!

The hike was full of so many hills, both up and down, but the best part of the hike (apart from the end, lol!) was when we got to the St. Johns Cliff in Czech Karst. It was very scary, as it was literally a cliff edge, but the view from the top was pretty spectacular!



Can you see how terrified I look?


We finished the day off at a lovely restaurant in Czech Karst. There were many different Czech dishes, and I had promised myself I would try one today to get the full experience! I got the Chicken Schnitzel with a side of potato salad, and it tasted amazing! I eased myself in, but will definitely be trying more Czech and Prague specialties in due course!

Karlštejn and the surrounding area of Czech Karst are such beautiful areas in the Czech Republic, and not even that far from Prague!

Do photo diaries like these interest you? Should I do more?!



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