Blogmases & Vlogmases 2018 | Day 6

Welcome back to a new week, and the second week of Blogmas! Christmas is so close now, and I am so excited about it! It’s so hectic at the moment, as of course, I’m making the most out of my final weeks in Prague, as well as studying and Blogmas, I don’t make things easy for myself, do I?

Of course, you can’t truly get into the Christmas spirit without watching and reading your favourite vloggers and bloggers taking part in Vlogmas and Blogmas, can you?

It’s the festive season so today’s post is dedicated to sharing some love to my favourite vlogmases and blogmases so far this month, and hopefully, you’ll discover some new bloggers and youtuber to follow in the process!


Vlogmas 2018

Retro Flame

I’ve been following Erika from Retro Flame since last Christmas, and have never looked back. Erika is an Irish girl, hailing from County Kerry who moved to New York City a few years ago. Her Vlogmas features the best of both worlds, as her followers get an insight into Christmas in New York for the first half of the month, as well as Christmas in Kerry when she comes back to her family home for Christmas in the second half.

Retro Flame vlogs are always fun and easy to watch, and her Vlogmases are no different.


Recommended Video: (OPPOSITE) SISTER STYLE SWAP | Vlogmas 2018 Day 5
dare you not to laugh at this video. This is probably my favourite video ever from Erika and her sister Kaelin!


Louise Cooney

Another Irish gal, but new to my Vlogmases watch list is Louise Cooney. Louise, I believe grew up in Limerick, but is now living in Dublin. She works as a full- time fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger/vlogger so here we’re getting an insight into her life in Dublin, complete with lots of shoots as well as what she gets up to outside of work with her friends.

Recommended Video: VLOGMAS DAY 1: Hi My Name’s Louise, I’m a Hoarder


Orange Obviously

Clodá Scanlon is a blogger I’ve been following for quite a long time. She’s a student in UCC and she’s currently on her own Erasmus year in Rome! I adore these vlogs because they are bitesize chunks, they aren’t too long, but just long enough to keep you wanting more!

One thing I find difficult is managing to find time for watching vlogmases, but there’s always some time to watch these little chunks of student life in Rome!

Again, alike Retro Flame’s Vlogmases, we’re getting an insight into life and Christmas in Rome until Clodá returns home to Ireland for the end of the festive period, where I’m sure we’ll see a lot of life in Ireland also.

Recommended Video: Come shopping for sparkly things.. ¦ VLOGMAS 2018 DAY 6 ORANGE OBVIOUSLY



Charlotte Emily Vlogs 

Another blogger I’ve been following for a little while now, though now I’ve transitioned to following her one Youtube also is Charlotte, who is a student at the University of Lincoln.

I have been thoroughly enjoying Charlotte’s Vlogmas, as to date it’s been everything herself and her friends/ housemates have been getting up to, so truly relatable for any students out there!

Recommended Video: VLOGMAS | Classy Cocktail Night GONE WRONG + Uni Workkk!


Blogmas 2018

Thoughts of Jasmine

I’ve been following (and loving!) Jasmine’s blog for the best part of the year now, and I was so excited when I learned she was taking part in blogmas! What’s better than a months full of posts of one of your favourite bloggers?!

Jasmine is so funny, and her personality always shines through in her posts, I particularly adore her 400 word or less rants, which always have made me at least smile due to the utter relatability of it all, and I really love the style she writes in!

Photo Cred: ThoughtsofJasmine

Recommended Post: WHY Don’t I Have a Christmas Jumper? | 400 Word Rant (and Blogmas Day 2)


Bailey Leah

I’ve been absolutely adoring Bailey Leah’s Blogmas to date, there isn’t one post that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed!

These blogmas posts are putting me into the most festive cheer and spirit, and giving me severe inspiration in all aspects from present buying for my friends and family (and myself), as well as decoration ideas!



Life of Emma

I only recently stumbled across Emma on Twitter, and checked out her blog when I realized she was taking part in Blogmas, and have been indulging ever since!

I’m loving all the Christmassy vibes she makes sure to incorporate into her posts, listen to some Christmas songs while you read her Blogmas posts, and I promise you will have the most festive feeling!

Recommended Post: Festive Pinterest and Instagram Board | Blogmas #9


What Blogmases and/or Vlogmases have you been following this festive period so far? Let me know in the comments, I would love to discover more!



  1. Aww yay I’m so glad you’ve included Jasmine on here! She is one of my favourite bloggers and her blogmas has been brilliant! I’m absolutely in love with blogmas too, you should definitely check it out for all sorts of fun things! I might even attempt it myself next year…
    Alice Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that we are creating a large blogging community that support instead of compete with each other. Some of these bloggers I’ve been reading, but some are new and I look forward to checking them out!

    Liked by 1 person

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