Netflix Christmas Movie Bucket List | Day 8

Ah, Christmas films- my favourite kind! What really is better than snuggling up in the cold evenings by the fire in your Christmas pajamas, and throwing on a festive movie to get you excited for the holidays?

As part of last year’s blogmas, I did my top Christmas movies to get you through the Christmas period! I am loving the amazing bucket load of Christmas films Netflix have available at the moment. I’m desperate to find some new good ones! 

I watched and loved (along with everyone else!) The Princess Switch and both of the A Christmas Prince films. I love a royal romance! They were definite hits with me. 

I do find that it is sometimes a bit difficult to find decent new movies though, not so long ago I watched Miss Me This Christmas, and I have to say it was the worst way I could have ever spent my time. It was pretty awful in my opinion, I just didn’t get the concept, and feel like it was made just to get a film out..

That said, I’ve yet to lose faith in discovering some new favourites, and have quite a few on my List to watch over the festive period. 


Angela’s Christmas

I’ll be home for Christmas

Almost Christmas

The Christmas Chronicles

48 Christmas Wishes

The Man Who Invented Christmas

The Holiday

A Wish for Christmas




Have you watched any of these? What did you think? What’s your favourite Christmas film of all time?




  1. I watched the Princess Switch too. It was better than what I was expecting. Reminded me of the Parent Trap but a royal version. On your list, I’ve watched the Holiday, and the Christmas Chronicles


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