Fave Beauty Products of AW | Day 9

I’m always mad to do product reviews, but I never really accumulate enough to make it an ongoing thing. As a student, if I find something I really love, I tend to stick to it for as long as possible, and if I was to do a monthly review it would be quite repetitive.

That said, I’ve seemed to have accumulated a couple of bits and pieces that I’ve formed heavy opinions on- both good and bad over the last few months, so I figured why not share them?


Stop ‘n Grow

DSC00408I am a nail-biter. As horrible a habit as it is, I can’t help it. Stop n’ Grow can, though. I picked Stop n’ Grow up, for the first time a few years ago, but after losing the bottle fell back into bad habits. I picked it up during the year again and it’s really been helped me with my battle with nail-biting.

Stop n’ Grow is a clear nail polish which claims to be ‘Willpower in a bottle!’ and claims to ‘Stop Nail biting’. Regularly apply the product over your nails, and if you goo to bite your nails you will be left with quite a distasteful flavour in your mouth, something you really don’t want to experience.

I was surprised to realize that this works so well, and within days I could see a massive improvement in my nails. Stop n’ Grow can be picked up in most chemists for about €7, which is really good because the bottle lasts so long. 10/10, would recommend to a friend!


Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask

This could possibly be my favourite product ever. I’m not massively into hair products, but this is my holy grail ten times over. Perhaps with curly hair I should use more products in my hair, but this hair mask is all I need, and I truly believe that.

The Argan hair mask is literally my hairs best friend. I leave it in after shampooing and conditioning for about 7-10 minutes and then wash it out, and it leaves my hair feeling amazingly soft. I believe I can actually feel my hair become soft as I massage it into my scalp, is that possible?

The tub says it is an ‘intensive conditioning treatment’ and I say it really does do what it says on the tin.

The best thing about this? For a massive tub of 220ml, you can get this for only a few euro!!



Freedom Pro Contour Kit

I picked this up before I came to Prague, thinking I needed a new contour kit. I’m not great at makeup, and this is especially true for contouring, but the contour and highlight in this little pocket-sized kit are amazing, and so easy to work with.



Penneys Lip Kits

For €4 for a lipliner and lipgloss, I can’t see much wrong with the PS Lip Kits. I have three now and find them all fabulous for the price I paid.

I’ve never tried the Kylie lip kits, but these PS lip kits will do the job for me. I recently wore the red lip out, and was amazed by the lasting I got out of one application, including sipping wine and having a snack also!



Essence Contouring Eyeshadow Set

I think we all started off using ‘Essence’ makeup, right? I know I did, it was perfect because it was very affordable for 13 or 14 years old me. That said, I think Essence have really upped their game recently, and I still find myself wandering to the Essence stands in Penneys to see if they have anything nice.

I think, especially for the price Essence is an amazing brand! This is eyeshadow contour set is one of my favourite products at the moment, and a product I use every time I wear makeup.

I use the dark shade for my eyebrows. I know that isn’t exactly the purpose, but I love it. And the highlighter is amazing also, I love highlighting my brow bone and inner corners of my eyes with this, and have even started using it on my nose and cheekbones, and it truly is spectacular!



I Heart Makeup …

I have fallen head over heels for this palette since I’ve come to Prague. I’m not too sure what the turning point was- perhaps because it’s got so many glitters, and is absolutely perfect for the holiday season?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I am not good at makeup. But using this palette makes me actually enjoy wearing some eyeshadow, and actually makes it look somewhat decent!

Personally, this palette is perfect for the Christmas period, with lots of sparkly glittery shades!



What has been some of your favourite products of the year?
12 Days until Christmas!



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