Prague Xmas Markets Guide | Day 10

I’ve been so excited to share today’s post! Today I’m talking all things Christmas Markets! The Christmas Markets here in Prague are amazing, they take my breath away every time I ‘ve visited.

To give some context, there isn’t any Christmas Markets where I live at home, or even in Limerick, so Christmas Markets are a new thing to me, and I am obsessed. I’m getting way too used to popping to one of the many markets around Prague, after class during the week and warming up with a hot wine and just enjoying the festive atmosphere!

Christmas in Prague is something else altogether, and I’m so happy I’ve been able to experience it!


Náměstí Republiky

First, there were the Autumn Markets, and once December came around there were Christmas Markets. Personally, I think they are the same markets, but I’m not complaining! That said, there are more markets now at Namesti Republiky, across the street from the Palladium. Double markets, yay!

There is hot wine or svárak, of course, and I think it is 60czk, and again is amazing. The perfect way to warm up!

Across from the smaller market is another market, which is a little larger, and is equally as amazing. There are so many lovely stalls and a huge sweet stall! The mulled wine was quite traditional looking, with lots of fruit. I believe the fruit was actually stewed in the wine also, which added to the flavour.


Náměstí Miru

Namesti Miru is special because it was the first Christmas market to open, and therefore the first that I visited. It’s quite a big market, and there are so many different stands, for hats and gloves as well as souvenirs from Prague.

The tredlník at the smaller market at Náměstí Republiky is 50czk, with Nutella, and is simply amazing! 50czk is probably the cheapest you are gonna get, so I relished this one! Again, you have plenty of hot wine for around the same price, 60czk.

There was also an amazing warm apple juice, which was a nice drink to warm up to if you weren’t looking for wine!



Jiriho z Podebrad

The Christmas Market at Jiriho z Podebrad is a little quieter and rather smaller comparing to some of the others, but all the same, it is perfect if you are living in the area, or if you are looking for something a bit quieter.

47682182_308305529893229_8093840473170378752_nOf course, you’ve all your usual Trdelnik and hot wine stands, but there’s also burgery and hranolky (french fries/ chips) stands here, which are very non– traditional, but amazing all the same- I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a paper bag of chips with a cucumber and a hard-boiled sweet for after, but I absolutely loved it!

There was also an amazing cupcake stand that had Christmas punch, and it was amazing and pretty cheap at 45czk. I believe the punch contained rum, another liquor and lots of Christmas spices such as cloves etc, and it was so delicious. And the lady was so nice and friendly also!



Old Town Square

Everyone says that the Old Town Square Christmas Market is solely for tourists. And while I get that, you can’t not go once or twice.. or 10 times, right?

The Old Town Square is humongous. But it is amazing, and so festive also. I was quite surprised to note the first time I went that the mulled wines and snacks were relatively priced. A bramborovy (potato) spiral was 60czk, which is kinda expensive, but that’s to be expected at a Christmas market, and I almost guarantee that’s cheaper than others.


There was a stand pretty close to the tree with the most amazing hot wines- there was cherry hot wine, blueberry hot wine, apple hot wine.. Amazing. And they were so delicious. I really loved how hot they were, as you actually had time to sip it, rather than it going cold so quickly.

I believe that the lights come on the Christmas tree for a small period of time every hour at the half, and there is a little light display which is so spectacular.

I did notice that trdelník is 90czk, which is pretty steep considering you can get the same for almost half in other markets!

Wenceslas Square

There is a pretty small little market at the bottom of Wenceslas Square. This one has a lot more food stands than other stalls, but there is two or three lovely stands for decorations and glass tree ornaments, which are stunning.

Even if you weren’t intending on going here to buy something, I would definitely go for the photo opportunities, the tree and decor is stunning!

I’m so obsessed with these Christmas Markets in Prague, I still need to go to the one in Prague Castle, but all in good time!



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