My Year in Pictures | Day 11

We’re coming into my final week of living in Prague! I’ve so many emotions when I think about that. I’ve made friends of a lifetime, and memories that will last forever. I have grown up so much over the last three months, and my eyes have truly opened on so many aspects!

2018 has been a truly amazing year, and I’ve learned so much. It’s been a pretty positive year- I had my CoOperative Placement from January to July, and then my Erasmus+ programme from October until now, so, all in all, a pretty busy and educative year.

I’ve seen lots of people post a picture for each month of the year on Twitter and other platforms recently, so thought it could make an interesting blog post! Kinda like a really quick and brief summary of the year!




My year started off with going straight into clean- eating and pretty tough training for the U22 National Championships which were at the end of the month. Unfortunately, this time ’round my venture was unsuccessful, and I lost at the Semi-Final stages to a World medalist.

I also started my Co-Operative Placement at I Love Limerick, which was a great experience, and my 6-months there will really stand to me in the long run!



Few Limerick nights out for RAG Week, as well as Valentines Evening, where Basshunter was playing at Habitat, but a bit of a quieter month, also. Finally settling into placement, and went to my first event at the start of the month.



March was hectic, I entered the college National Champions, and unfortunately lost out in the final, which was the most heartbreaking thing! I’m really pumped for the new year, March was actually my last contests, and I’m so excited to get back!

My birthday was also this month, and was the best day ever, thanks to my lovely best friends, so grateful!!



The highlight of the student calendar; Race Day was in April, and was amazing! I am still obsessed with the two-piece top and pants I bought off Boohoo for €15 including delivery

I got my braces out at the end of the month, and I was blown away with the change they made on my teeth, still can’t believe it!

also got my official email from Metropolitan to confirm my place in their college in Prague!



May was hectic (also) with work. We had Riverfest and Darkness into Light. We also had to move houses as our semester was up, and needed to look into getting accommodation for Summer. Fortunately, we succeeded.

I also got scalded, because we had a heatwave, and what Irish person actually knows how to deal with a heatwave?

A very proud moment, when my sister went away with the Irish Squad to Bulgaria and came home with a Bronze medal. She was only 12!



June was a quieter month, preparing us from Limerick Pride in work! The heatwave continued, and I wasn’t complaining in the slightest, that’s for sure! I also collaborated with Lusso!



JULY I GOT A TATTOO?! July was when I finally returned to Cork. Placement with I Love Limerick finished in mid- July! It was also Cora’s 21st so we had the best dinner at the All You Can Eat Buffet in the Jasmine Palace. 10/10 would recommend x

We also all got tattoos, look at my little ode to Prague. I was so nervous because I didn’t know would I have the pain tolerance, but I braved it ha!



I decided to go to Indiependance on a really last minute basis, but am so happy I went. Think I definitely got sunburned here as well. #IrishGalProblems.

I also got a job and quit after 4 days at the end of August. It consisted of a lot of traveling up and down to Dublin and was a job doing door to door sales, something I’ve realized I’m really not cut out for!



The countdown to Prague was well and truly on, with a month to go. September consisted of lots and lots of organizing and making sure I was good and ready to go.

I had Freshers Week fomo, so visited my friend in Limerick which was fun.

I also finally was able to do a boxing judging course in Mitchelstown, and your gal passed. I’m so excited to finally be a qualified judge, and can’t wait to go home and be able to judge contests in the New Year!!



We came to Prague! The first week consisted of me and Eimear being complete tourists. It was so nice to have her for the first 5 days, looking back now I’m increasingly grateful to her for coming with me and helping me settle in.

I gave myself a task to say ‘yes’ to all and every opportunity that came my way, and that proved very successful to me in making friends!



I explored a little more of the Czech Republic, and went to both Karlstejn and Kutná Hora in November! I also felt properly settled in, having finally secured my house!

I joined the gym, and did normal everyday things, like go to sports events such as hockey and MMA and it was all amazing! I also got my first taste of Christmas Markets!



And now we’re in December! December 17th, can you imagine that there are only 2 weeks of 2018 left? So far, December has been lots and lots of Christmas Markets, Christmas music and ice-skating, a weekend to Poland, and making the most of my limited time in Prague!


How has your 2018 been?



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