A Weekend in Krakow, Poland | Day 12

If you’re following me on Twitter or Instagram, you may know I spent the weekend in Kraków, Poland! It was the perfect final official weekend of my Erasmus, and the memories I will take from the trip will last a lifetime!

Though there are many agencies and companies that do weekend trips to Poland, I decided to play safe and go on the trip that was organized through my University! 

We left from Florence bus station at 12 Friday afternoon, and after a few stops on the way arrived in Kraków not long after 8pm! It was such a long trip, but being the start of the trip, everyone was in super high spirits!

I was really surprised to see lots and lots of snow on the way, even in parts of the Czech Republic- apparently, Prague is one of the luckier cities in terms of not getting snow and being a little better off temperature wise also!


We stayed in the Green Hostel in Krakowska 1– it was under a 15-minute walk from the main square of Kraków, and was a lovely hostel to stay in. There was a range of different- sized rooms. The rooms had the usual pillow and duvet, but also a cozy fluffy blanket!

When we arrived we were given time to grab dinner and get ready for the planned night out, so our personal choice for food on the evening was Bobby’s Burger, which is located on the way into Kraków Old Town. 

I was really surprised to learn all the restaurants we went into were full, but then I realized it is the same in Prague! Bobby’s Burger was amazing, though! I got the Bobby Burger with a side of chips, and I am not lying when I say I think it may be the best burger I’ve ever had, and it was under €8!

The night out was held in a nightclub called Lokál, and was a great venue! The music was pretty heavy, and even though it was a big mix, there was a lot of Justin Bieber!

On Saturday, we had a tour booked of Kraków. We grabbed a quick breakfast in the cutest little cafe, called Buczek! It was so cute, and the layout looked spectacular, and I think it was reasonably priced!


Despite the absolute freezing cold, the tour was class, and we got a little look at the history of the city. The buildings and cathedrals are so amazing, and it is such a pretty city! And so festive, the amount of Christmas trees I saw were endless!!



We had a quick snack at McDonald’s- a very fail-safe option before we had dinner at the Pizza Loft, which was a lovely cozy Pizza restaurant (in case you didn’t get that from the name!). It was reasonably priced too- I think about €8 for pizza and a beer, which is standard!

We also made a quick stop to the Christmas Markets, and picked up a few souvenirs to mark our trip, as well as a little stop at Inglot, which was crazy- everyone raves about how cheap it is compared to Ireland!

The college organized a pub crawl with the company, Kraków Crawl, and it was one of the best nights out I’ve ever had! The first club we went to, Dreams had an open bar for us, with any drink we wanted, how strong we wanted! There was beer pong and Jenga also! There was also the best magician ever- he turned a pack of cards into a block of glass in my hand!!

From there, we went to a nightclub called Four, and we also went to two other nightclubs- Totu & Coco! Each one was better than the last, which is amazing because they were all so great! The pub crawl was so amazing, and I would literally recommend Krakow Crawl to anyone that is interested in this type of thing and ever in Kraków!


I played safe with a very cozy bodysuit, skirt and tights combo for the second night!

Sunday, we were up early and checked out of the hostel for 7pm. We packed the bus and made the hour-long journey to Auschwitz. 

Auschwitz was so much more than I had ever expected. I was very naive to be surprised at the high- security! Our tour guide was amazing, he was really compassionate and informative, and it was so easy to tell he felt so passionately and strongly about all that he spoke about. 

It’s really hard to sum Auschwitz up, other than to say that it was truly breathtaking. And I learned things there that I will truly take for the rest of my life. Of course, we’ve all learned about World War 2, and the concentration camps in school, but to actually visit one, and get a further insight is an experience that I can’t even put into words that are adequate enough.


After Auschwitz, we went for lunch before making the long trip back to Prague. We stopped a few times on the way, which broke it up a bit, and we were home for 8pm.


Kraków and Auschwitz was the most amazing, and informative trip. I’m so happy I was lucky enough to be able to go on the trip.
Have you ever been to either Kraków or Auschwitz?





  1. I really want to go to Krakow! It’s somewhere I’d never really considered but have seen a few blog posts recently that have made me add it to my list. It looks really interesting!

    Charlotte | charlotterick.com xx

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