December Reflection

I can’t believe it’s NEW YEAR’S EVE. It’s the end of the year, and I’m so overwhelmed about how fast the year went. I know we say that every year, but I think as we become a little older, we become more aware of time, and the preciousness of it. 2018 has been an overall pretty decent year for me, and I’m so excited to hit the ground running in 2019 (probably not actually running, but we’ll see..).

This month has been so hectic, and again, has literally gone by super quickly! I had such a fabulous end to the semester in Prague, with baking gingerbread men, and a few nights out with my Erasmus friends. I’ve also really enjoyed being at home and spending time with my friends and family during the festive period. 


I was so happy to receive my judging qualification the other day! It was a great end to the year, to get official confirmation and a certificate to show that I am now a qualified boxing judge- something that has been on my goals list for some time!

2018 as a whole, for me, was a very shaping year, firstly I had my Co-Operative placement as part of my college, and that was closely followed by Erasmus, which has truly been the most molding experience ever. I’ve really had my eyes opened, and found a new sense of independence in my time in Prague.


I’d like to think I’ve become better at this goal-making craic, without putting too much pressure on myself, but for 2019 I have such clear goals I want to achieve. I’ve thought really hard about my goals over the last few weeks, for some reason.

Looking back at last year’s reflection post, I’m proud to say that I’m very happy with how my blog is going, and how it has developed over the last year. I’ve still lots of room for improvement, obviously but it’s a process

Last year, I said I wanted to participate in more Twitter threads, and I have done this over the year. I was delighted to find a list on Twitter of all the threads that happen over the week, and I’ve added this into my little blog book for easy access. I live for the Bloggers Tribe comment thread Sundays from 8-11pm. Comment and follow threads- I’ve realized have been an amazing way to not only gain traffic on your own blog but find new and amazing bloggers also. 

I invested in a little notebook for my blog ideas and plans last year, and figured it may help me avoid going into any long periods of not posting, and it really has! I am forever indebted to that little book, and I have often tweeted how if I’m away from home, and forget it I am lost.

A massive goal for me in terms of my blog for 2018 was to set up an Instagram account, and I’ve absolutely loved using Instagram for my account, and interacting with fellow bloggers via IG! It can be a bit of a pain, as we all know the algorithm, but I’ve decided that I’m gonna use Instagram for me and my blog, and no one else. The follower count doesn’t matter to me anymore!Capture

In 2019, I want to secure some more collaborations. I also want to work a little harder on my Pinterest and Bloglovin’ accounts! I go through phases with using Pinterest but have yet to actually use it to help traffic for my blog. I hear it is great so I would love to learn a little more about how it works, as well as begin using it again!

I’ve also been mulling over the idea of buying my own domain for a few months now, and I’m really hopeful that 2019 is the year this will happen- hopefully, sooner rather than later, but I need to figure out the ins and outs of that, so if anyone has any tips and tricks regarding this please don’t hesitate to help a gal out!

I don’t exactly have a rigid blogging schedule. I salute each and every blogger that has, but I just know I wouldn’t stick to it, I aim to produce about 6 posts a month, and for the most part of last year, I think I achieved that. I would love to continue this number of posts on a monthly basis this year also!

In terms of my boxing and health, fitness etc, it’s been an interesting year. Boxing has taken such a back step this year. I haven’t boxed in a competition since the Intervarsities in March, and with Co-Op and Erasmus, it has been hard to find the time. I’m striving for a better balance in terms of everything this year, which will hopefully allow for more competitions.

My main goal right now is the University Intervarsities in March, which I’m already really excited about! I also want to take part in all the box cups I missed out on last year, but they aren’t until the middle-end of the year, so I’m all guns blazing for March, right now! 


I’ve always said I want to be more and more involved in boxing. I want to coach, and judge(and maybe even referee someday), and this year I passed my judging course, which I’m so proud to be able to say! I cannot wait to start properly judging at competitions in the New Year.

In terms of driving, college and Erasmus has also jumped way ahead of that super important goal, but 2019 it is happening. I really want to start this goal off on the right foot in 2019, and so my main goal for January alone is to pass my theory test. I figured if I can at least do that before I get back to Limerick, it would be far better as I can always do my driving lessons whilst I’m in Limerick then!

This year I made a goal of reading 10 books. That’s not a lot, is it? How many did I read? I read 2 books. As someone who has always loved reading I’m really disappointed and kinda embarrassed at this fail.

DSC00385When in Prague, I figured I’d pick a book up and would read it on the daily commute to and from University, and this has helped me get back into reading! In 2019, I want to try and read far more, I’m going to say 10, again, and surely, I can do even more. 20 minutes in the morning is all I’m asking for. I also want to start reading more news articles, be it online or actual newspapers!

On the other side of this, I cannot wait to get back into writing articles. Of course, with my Erasmus I haven’t done much news writing, but I’m aiming this year to write one article for a month at least, as well as at least one for An Focal also!

Over the last few months I’ve become more aware of the importance of budgeting, it’s key to independence really, and I want to take this into the new year, and enforce it even more!

When I’m back in college in Limerick I want to start volunteering again and perhaps even increase the volunteering I do over the course of the semester, but we’ll take this as it comes! I’m sure I will have enough time, especially as I will be living pretty close to college for the first time in January.

Of course, I’ll need to be organized, but I’m sure it’s doable!

I’ve had a couple of jobs here and there over 2018, but now I‘m looking for a permanent part-time job. My plan of action is to get a part-time job in Limerick for the semester, and ideally, this will transfer into a Summer job.

Last Summer my biggest regret is definitely not getting a Summer job in Limerick, but this time ’round I’m a lot more wiser to my mistakes!

As a goal, I made last year I have also learned many Czech phrases! I decided to take beginner’s Czech classes in my host University over the semester, and have learned a lot of basic phrases! I can even count to 100 and more, which excites me far more than it should, but hey!

I have the fondest memories of 2018– from nights out with my best friends, Limerick Student Race Day and Indiependance, and of course all the amazing events I covered with I Love Limerick! Erasmus and living in Prague was the best experience ever, and has really opened my eyes to traveling more! And I’ve made so many friends for life!

I even got my first tattoo, and I’m dying for more already! Of course, there is loads more goals I want to achieve in 2019, such as adapt a skincare routine and really put my head down for college this year! I had this crazy idea to make a mood board for my college room, so once I get that done hopefully it’ll be pretty enough to share! 

In the new year, I’m not doing end of month reflections anymore, so this is the last of the series- for now anyway! 



What are your goals for the year? How was your 2018?



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