Simply Khloe Top 12 of 2018

Today we’re two years old. I cannot believe Simply Khloe is two years old today! Looking back at my first ever post, I think I’ve definitely come on quite a bit, and hopefully, this improvement will continue over 2019, and hopefully for years to come! We’ll see!

Last year, I did a look at my 12 favourite posts of 2017. Initially, I did want to make this a post a month type of thing, but due to my unorganized and unplanned and spontaneous blog schedule there were some drier months in 2017!

That said, I’m confident in what I’ve produced in 2018, and I’m actually a little excited to jump into my archives and have a look at the posts I created throughout the year. Does anyone else ever find themselves proper stalking their own blog, and reading their own posts- and really having the time of their lives? I’m guilty of that!



January was all about boxing for me, as I’ve said in previous posts over the last few weeks in my reflective state! One of my favourite posts was my two-part series for my boxing diaries, in the run-up to the National Championships. It was a little different to what I had been used to, and the posts gave me the perfect balance of starting the new year well with my blog, as well as not interfering with my training!

You’ll see from those two posts alone the development of my posts from then to now. I was very scarce with the photos!! Recently, I have been trying my best with producing my own photos, and hopefully, can work more on that in 2019!



Last Christmas (I gave you my heart- sorry) I did two festive lookbooks, and I realized, though I am not great at fashion I really liked sharing my outfits, so I brought that into the year, and made an attempt at incorporating more. One I really liked was my Work Outfit Inspo post, which showcases three different styles of work outfits- from dressy to casual.

As the year went on I did slack with lookbook type posts a little, but hopefully, can incorporate more again this year! I have so many clothes and always end up in the same few outfits, but maybe I can push myself to create more outfits!




I think March was one of my favourite months of 2018. It was my birthday month, we worked at the St. Patricks Day parade, and I competed in the University Championships! My favourite post of the month is definitely one of my birthday posts and is the post I did just before my birthday, reflecting on 19 things (I learned) in 19 years.

I love a good reflection post if you didn’t notice already, and I really loved that post, because it gave me an opportunity to reflect on everything I’ve learned over the last few years!

19 things in 19 years



In April I got to collaborate with my first brand, and I got to make my college room very jazzy with some Printiki pictures my College Room Decor post! This was such a dream collab, as I love printed pictures, and the collaboration came at the perfect time. Printiki were amazing to work with, and their prints are so amazing!

I’m really looking forward to moving back to Limerick at the end of the month and jazzing up my own space again! I’ll definitely be reusing my Printiki prints, and a lot of the bits and pieces in last year’s post, but I have some ideas to add a bit of originality so stay tuned over on my Instagram!

college room, simplykhloe



In May, we repealed the 8th, and I had my tuppence on the matter a few days before the big day came in my post about Repeal the 8th.




The long-awaited (for me, anyway) Brace Diary was finally released in June. I got my braces taken off in April after a year and 9 months, but really wanted to make sure I got all the facts in this post, so it was a little later!

I’m still incredibly grateful with the difference braces have made on my teeth, and would recommend them to anyone that is considering!

My Brace Diary



My favourite post of 2017 was my reflection of my first year in UL, so I figured I’d do the same for wrapping up my 2nd year! I loved writing My Second Year in UL after in July. My second year was part college and part co-operative placement, so there was a lot of learning done over the academic year!

My Second Year in UL (1)



Another outfit lookbook went live in August, after the Indiependance Music Festival. It was such a fabulous weekend- especially considering it was so last minute! Festival outfits are so fabulous, and I really tried with what I had at home!

I already have my tickets for Indie 2019, and I’m gonna try my best to put a little more thought into my outfits this year!!




September was a very quiet month, I didn’t really get up to a lot other than preparing and packing for my Erasmus in Prague, it was so exciting. I don’t think it had actually sunk in fully yet even at that stage!

With the free time, I was delighted to have produced 6 posts, that I’m really really proud of. There was a good mix as well, which is something I’ve yet to master if I’m honest! I had another collaboration with Irish tanning brand, Lusso. I also did my first Q&A with amazing Wexford based singer, Colleen Coughlan. I assessed my goals for going into 3rd year of college, as well as set myself a bucket list to get through in Prague!

Lusso Tan & Flawless Tanning Mitt Review



From a blogging perspective- as well as from a lifestyle look at things, October was one of my favourite months of the whole year. Probably more than March! After the bones of a year thinking and preparing for Prague, the day finally came, and words will never be enough to describe what a great overall experience Erasmus has been.

I documented my first week in Prague for my blog and rereading it now, I think it could be one of my favourite posts of the year. It’s nice to have posts like that so I can just look back and smile at things I forgot about– such as the cheap (and super good) wine we found at the corner shop!

Erasmus, travel, Prague, Czech Republic



November was gone in the blink of an eye. I really settled into life in Prague, and actually made it my home.. I joined the gym and as the month went on I stopped using Google Maps to get to and from college, hahaha!

I went on a day trip to Kutná Hora and documented it for the purpose of a blog post! I love looking at travel photo diaries, and I really enjoyed making them also! I’m no expert photographer but again, it’s nice to build a little collection to look back on!

A Day in Kutná Hora (1).png



I tried my very best to take part in Blogmas 2019. I missed out on two posts, but let’s not dwell on that! With coming home for Christmas, and making the most of my limited time in Prague, I am happy with how I did! 

Many posts I created in Blogmas/ December were a little piece of Prague. I had so many ideas of Prague related content, and it was fabulous to be able to show a little bit of it before I came home!

It’s hard to just choose one post from December- as there was quite a few, but for the purpose of showing Christmas Prague, I did really like going to all the Christmas Markets and then showing them on my blog and Instagram.

BLOGMAS (2).png


I’m so excited for the next 12 months of blogging and creating posts! A new year is always so exciting- it’s kinda like a fresh start, with new opportunities!

What was your favourite post on the blog in 2018?


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