What I Will Miss About Prague

Prague, Czech Republic, Wine, fairy lights

Ah, I’m into the final days of Erasmus. I’m a little shook at it all, looking back on the very first night at the Tiki Taky Cocktail bar, I can’t believe how far I’ve come. It’s been a fabulous experience, and one I am so happy I got to go on.

I’m really looking forward to going back to UL, I haven’t been there for a year; with my Co-Operative Placement for the first half of 2018, and then the adventure of a lifetime in Prague.

That said there are so many differences and things I will miss about Prague that I think I’ll find difficulty in trying to secure in Ireland…


The Friends I’ve Made

Evidently, I’ve made friends for life during my Erasmus, and I’m sad that I won’t be seeing them every week anymore. The first weekend, I decided to be a ‘Yes’ person, and it paid off so well because I made friends that stuck with me throughout the whole experience.

I have so many fabulous memories, and it’s sad that the chapter is ending. Of course, I’m so excited for the future. I’ve friends in many places around the world now, which is cool. I’ve learned so much about other cultures, and I’m so excited and hopeful that we’ll stay friends and get to visit each other in the future!


whatsapp-image-2019-01-16-at-00.06.55.jpegLays are the best crisps ever. I don’t know why they are so different to Walkers. That said, I tried putting Lays into a sandwich before and it didn’t work to the same effect as a Walkers sandwich, so Walkers wins on that note, but I’m still sorry to be turning my back on Lays.


The Public Transport System

I don’t know am I emotionally and mentally ready to go back to Bus Eireann and the 304. I don’t think I ever will be. If my time in Prague has thought me anything, it’s that Ireland needs a better transport system. Especially, with all the new laws regarding a no alcohol tolerance, as well as no tolerance for permit drivers to drive unaccompanied.

love the transport system in Prague, the ease of getting from A to B is amazing, and it’s so cheap also! I paid the equivalent of €13 for a transport ticket (this includes the metro, tram and bus) for 3 months.

Buses and trams go all through the night and cater for all areas of Prague. Of course, if you are alone travelling home late at night it’s always best to get an Uber, which is also so cheap. Like a few euro for a 15-minute drive- what a win.

Super Cheap Alcohol (ha) & Nights Out

I’ve definitely acquired a taste for beer during my time in Prague, and I’ll miss the lovely brands that are readily available here, and for less than €1.50. It was never so cheap to go out. Wine is also super cheap- €3 for a bottle. Of course, it’s not always gonna be fab, but I’ve definitely picked up some decent bottles of wine in my time.

A big part of the cost of nights out at home is taxis, which is barely a problem here because I had my travel ticket.



My Erasmus experience has been the best experience imaginable. Erasmus is  definitely, an opportunity of a lifetime, and has really opened my eyes





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