Final Year University Goals

We’re heading into Week Three of my final year in my course of New Media and English. Every year I do a start of the academic year goals post, and I think this year it’s more needed than ever. I really want to hit the ground sprinting from the get go

I genuinely thought there was a possibility I would have had to repeat one of my modules from last semester, but it turned out that overall it was my best semester yet, and the one I got the highest QCA on over the last three years. It knocked a bit of sense into me regarding if I stay on top of things I can do anything. The world is your oyster, after all.


Stay on top of my workload. 

71008950_438073916803226_6958811574685401088_nLast semester was the biggest disaster ever in terms of staying on top of my workload. Though Erasmus was the best experience ever, I truly blame Erasmus in my first semester as the root of my problems in the second semester. That, and my ridiculous ability to procrastinate. As I said, I passed all my classes!

I don’t know is it truly possible to stay on top of my workload for the whole year, but what I’m saying is to never let myself go too far behind. When my essay questions come up I want to choose the one I like the most; not choose a question because it was the only book I read.


Budget myself.

Budgeting went out the window last semester, and over Summer I’ve just decided I want to live my best life. Having to go back to Prague in January really made an impact into the bank balance, and it carried on that way for the bones of the whole semester. Obviously, I won’t have Prague this year (unfortunately!) so I won’t have that huge impact, but I’d also like to save a little; and just be more money aware.

I can be very good at budgeting if I put my mind to it, and I’m determined to get myself back on track this semester and year. The ways in which I will get myself back on track here is I will try and not rely on my card as much but actually take money out from the ATM. I’m also going to track my money and my weekly spending. Both of these, I already know will make me a lot more conscious of my spendings.


Exercise & Eat Healthy


This goes hand in hand with studying, in my opinion. If I’m not eating and exercising well this year, I won’t be able to do everything else to the best of my ability. This will also help with boxing, if and when I get the opportunities to box over the next few months.

Obviously. this is an important year, but I know before I even start that I can’t be sitting at my laptop screen studying day in, day out. I’ll have boxing on Mondays & Wednesdays, and I want to start running most days again also.

I’ve been on a big health buzz this week, subconsciously opting for healthier options, and I’ve been loving it! I made the big decision to rejoin the gym this semester and got it for the whole year. I went the other day and was so delighted. Here’s to many more gym evenings!



70610747_716318415462153_5036145425699045376_nI say this in every single one of my goals posts- do we see a pattern? Am I telling you something?

I really need to be as organized as humanly possible this year, because I’m going to have a lot going on. I am taking over as Chairperson of a club, and I am going to be up the walls with my FYP, and classes in general, and I really want to do stuff for my own personal development and keep on top of my blog, and write more!

Really, Organization is the key for me to achieve all of the goals I’ve listed before I’ve went off on a tangent about my lack of organization lol.


Have Fun, Be Positive & Enjoy

Again, it’s easy to get caught up with the whole final year thing, but one thing I want to do is stay in check with myself, and enjoy my college experience while I still get the opportunity.

All my friends that have graduated recently have been telling me this key point; not to stay cooped in for the next nine months like a hermit, but do my work and get to enjoy myself also.



TEFL Course & Learn to Drive

I purchased the TEFL Graduate 150hr TEFL Course on Groupon recently, and I’m so excited to get started with the course.

A lot of my friends have this, or the TESOL equivalent, and are getting  the opportunities to travel the world while teaching English, and I would love to have this option once I finish university!

As with driving, I know this is important and helpful in order to secure jobs after college. Particularly, that I want to go into journalism/ the media also.




My time in UL is limited. I can remember moving down for the very first time as if it was only yesterday, and now I’m within a year of handing in my FYP and (hopefully) graduating- wow. 

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