2020 Goals

82337286_448690092700615_8914049514399072256_n.jpgToday Simply Khloe is three years old! It’s crazy to think I’ve had this little corner of the internet for three years. I’m so proud of how far I’ve grown my blog, and I’m really excited for the year to come; especially after my near- year long hiatus that unfolded in 2019. If you are following my blog with a little while, you’ll all know I’m mad for a good goals post, and what better excuse is that start of a new year? 2019 was a mostly great year, but I really want to do more and achieve more in 2020, and I’m really confident if I start on the right foot I’m more than capable!


Complete my online TEFL Course with StudyTEFL.com.

Pass my theory test, and begin driving lessons!

Be more money savvy; Save money in my savings account, and pay off my credit card.

Read 15 books at least this year.

Print photos regularly and start a 2020 scrapbook.

Get back into the gym regularly.

Start drinking more water.

Improve my skin care routine.

Cook 5 new dishes.

Graduate with a solid degree. Figure out the next step.

Become a fully qualified boxing coach.

Try yoga and mindfulness.

Start properly blogging again.

Appreciate things more! 



I’m really hopeful that I can achieve all that I’ve set myself to do. I’ve always maintained that I don’t think highly of exuberant new years resolutions, but I’m more into progressing what I already do and have wanted to do/ start.


What are your new year goals?


  1. Those are all great goals. Good luck achieving them all this year! Mine is to become more successful with my blog. I just started it at the end of 2019 so I am trying to build it up this year! Congratulations on your three years too!!

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  2. So many great things here! I haven’t made a proper goals list for this year yet. I really should sit down and write one! I know I want to try to save a little more and improve my photography too. I really like the idea of starting yoga or pilates too x


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  3. I love reading posts on goals, they’re so motivational! I like that you’ve included some fun activities to try and do as well as the more serious ones – I always find that makes you want to achieve more on your list rather than force yourself to try and do it. Also, congrats on your three year blog birthday! xx

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  4. Such an awesome list. With consistent action, you can definitely do it. I love that your goals involve you as a whole person. Savings and paying off debt are a major goal of mine as well. So, is traveling. Good luck to you.

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